Raptor 2.1 for sale

Hi Guys, I’m in Dallas, TX. I ordered my Raptor 2 in December 2017, upgraded to 2.1… suppose to receive my Raptor 2.1 in November. I would like to sell my Raptor 2.1 for $1450 by transferring title and warranty before the shipping.


Just talk to enertion support" “(12:58:24 AM) Rizwan: Your order is part of the first batch of production and will expect to ship in next mini batch going out (12:58:42 AM) Rizwan: which is expected to ship by mid/late december 2018” I’m also thinking about selling my Focbox Unity… which will be in the first batch of orders. Note: I do not have any of these items yet. I’ve waited for a long time.

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Are you in a group buy for the Unity?

How much for the unity and shipping to which countries, please?

Also interested in the unity.

I was not in the group buy. I’m in Dallas, Texas area

We need more prices :wink: What you want for the unity?

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Getting package this week… I will post pics and prices after I actually have the Unity in my hand.


Hey man, I’ll buy your raptor 2.1! I’m in Dallas too.


Raptor 2.1 for sale!


Comes in an original box with all the kit!

In perfect riding condition, but has few scratches.

Location: UK, Coventry.

Price: £1099