Raptor 2.1 for sale!

Hey Sean,

Yeah thanks I’ll definitely keep you mind. I think I’m just gunna send it out to Bara for now though.

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It costs me $62 to send it to Bara in IL.

Shouldn’t enertion cover that!?

Hey they are going to actually!

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Cost me $60 to ship a carbon deck only no hardware just light weight deck to Cali from Florida :frowning:

you got scammed.

it costs me 10$

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Hahah, have you guys ever used media mail, just add a few books inside and you’ll get them pretty fast for soo cheap

So it looks like everything has been fixed by Bara! It looks like it was just a software fix. A firmware reset. I did one but I must have missed something. Anyway it’s all fixed and good to go. Anybody who is interested please let me know!


Still for sale??

Sold sorry David!