Raptor 2.1 from Spain I ask for your help

Hello, I need help, my Raptor 2.1 board turns off only before starting the march, the joystick works perfectly from what I see but the board does not work I turn it on and when starting it turns off… I don’t have much idea to say nothing of fixing the board and neither does the company (fatdaddy,) where I buy it help me… The fact is that I have two identical joysticks and with both the same thing happens on the board, it is the board that turns off I have the battery charged at 100% and when I go up to the board and want to start He just turns off.

Pm me im sure we can troubleshoot your issue - in the meanwhile - DONT SPIN YOUR MOTORS BY HAND :wink:


I am very grateful for your response, so what do I have to do? I hope a message from you? :slightly_smiling_face:

here I leave a video description of what happens to my Raptor2.1

So first thing - have you tried connecting the VESC to the PC and seeing if it’s configured as a 10s not a 12s,

would also check your battery Cutoff settings .

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Open the board up & check all the wires & connectors. Probably something loose in their

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I believe something is shorting in between your unity and motors. check the wires for cuts where they enter the trucks and if you have a pcb connector, check underneath for moisture damage


Hi :wave:, thanks for answering … well yes, I have verified this and I have it at 10 (if you mean the battery … :thinking:?) :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t know what to do … yesterday, I connected my raptor to the foxbox and did everything…but I have no experience…And everything for me is new complicated :relieved:…Fatdaddy doesn’t want to help me … but I don’t know where to find one …And fat daddy doesn’t want to help me … he says they don’t know what to do …I have spoken with consumer Europe to complain and they say that I have the right to a two-year guarantee … but I think fatdaddy does not want to be responsible … he has stopped answering my e-mail.Now, my next problem since last night is, the controller won’t move the wheels … it doesn’t do anything …It’s like you’ve lost the bluetooth pairing … 🤦And this makes me unable to test the settings I made last night 🤷.

I have verified cables and at first glance it does not look bad … then I can take a photo for you to see because surely you understand better than me