Raptor 2.1 hubs for sell, with 97mm wheels (1*front, 2*back) wheels (EU) - 500 euros

Hi there,

I would like to sell my Raptor 2.1 hubs, front and back trucks, with new 97mm wheels (1* front, 2* back), as Prague roads aren’t the most gentle roads for urethane wheels.

I would like to sell it to get myself an AT drive-train.

Used for around 300 km, never had issue with it whatsoever. No major esthetic issue other than few dents from small rocks.

Looking to get minimum 500 euros (shipping not included)

Hit me up if you are interested.


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Are you just gonna swap the drive train on the raptor for pneumatic wheels?

Enertion sells the kit as a standalone.

You’re not talking about the 100mm crossovers right? I can’t find pneumatic wheels on their site

@ZachTetra preety sure he does not have a raptor.

the name of the hubs is “raptor 2.1 hubs”

Ahh…I’m tired and blind, bloody finals weeks amirite?

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Well, 19 days of school left.

2 days sucker…and then I’m coming right back

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I do not have a Raptor per say, only their R-Spec hubs, same as on the Raptor 2.1.

At this moment, no possibility to put AT pneumatic wheels on that, even if Carvlab is working on it.

Haha…my feet still hurt from walking on those roads…years ago…lol

Good luck with the sale.

Still available


I am interested in buying some Raptor 2.1 Rear Hubs. Are they in Good Running condition?

Could You possibly send a photo so that I can see the condition of the Outwheels???

Please let me know!


Bob McKay

Hi Bob, unfortunately I am in the same situation than everybody else… Ordered them back in Mars, not shipped yet… Once received, I can let you know, but if you ordered them as well on Enertion website, I believe you will receive them at the same time as I do.

@ThomasL so you don’t have the hubs on hand?

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I have the hubs, but the 90mm thane is soooo damn fucked. Waiting on selling them back once the 97mm comes.

Or are you interested only for the hubs?