Raptor 2.1 Problems

Hello Everyone, I am new to this, So Lets get to it :" I am Having so many problems with my Raptor 2.1. I forked over alot of money plus warranty and I am Having a A terrible Time with their Customer Service I’ve been waiting for Over 60 days… and Just some Random Fake Emails from bots."

I Need help Badly. Please Help me. I charged The board to 100%, then in the morning I used the board to get to my job. It takes about 45 min to ride to my job, After Getting to my job I went about to set up the board to be charged while my shift will end and I can ride back to my 2nd Job, However this time the Light on the charging Brick was Green. I thought to myself “that’s weird it’s at 52% it shouldn’t be done already”.

And it wasn’t, It wasn’t charging.

So after my shift for my first job, I headed back to my home on its Last Leg. After getting home I took apart the board and went on many forms about this problem and I can not find anything about it.

Thus here the Overview Board Doesn’t charge And When I plug in the Brick into the Board The Light is Green (Not Red*Charging). and nothing Happens. IMG_20190811_153902 IMG_20190811_153918 IMG_20190811_155056 IMG_20190811_155122 IMG_20190811_155144 IMG_20190811_155147 1565564770563-1755366244