Raptor 2 10s4p battery in Evolve BGT?

I found a deal on a raptor 2 10s4p pack and was wondering if I could attach it to the Evolve BGT BMS and use it instead of the shitty evolve battieries? Does anyone know if this would work?


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yes, any battery should work if the evolve bms is connected to it and is the same voltage but im not very familiar with evolve mods though

Won’t work because that pack doesnt flex

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the pack actually does. because the raptor deck actually flexes too.

Here this can help you ^

But quick answer: Don’t do it The battery has no flex and each bamboo evolve board flex, The nickel inside the battery cant take that flex and start to break. Those sharp corners can cut inside the cells and start a fire.

That is the reason why we use in evolve upgrades always copper braid or silicone wires on the serie connections


Thanks for all info. Have been reading about how to make a flex battery now and will do one myself soon. Right now I’m playing with my 12s7p I built for my trampa :slight_smile:

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Why would it not work for a carbon gt? It has basically no flex, especially when under 65kg.

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