Raptor 2 - Bulk Discount Pricing Group BUY

Hello peeps

OK… @massive-attack hit me up asking about the Raptor 2 group buys we had going on via KickStarter…Well, that done (except for me squaring up small amounts and addresses)

But… there is a bulk pricing listing…

Are there more people like @massive-attack that want in that missed the KS and want some sort of discount?

Reply BELOW.

Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount

Buy 2 - 5 and pay only USD1,089.45 each Buy 6 - 10 and pay only USD1,039.34 each Buy 11 - 20 and pay only USD990.00 each Buy 21 - 100 and pay only USD940.65 each

lol awesome yea man . def gonna look out if this goes thru .

Jsut got an E-mail from enertion (cip raptor 1 club) with a decent offer for the Raptor 2, so poeple who are VIP owners should chek that out in case they have not yet.

thats somthing ive been asking myself how do i become a vip

let me have it please lol

@massive-attack you’re deep desire for a board is a little funny…but understandable…I think you needed have purchased a board direct from Enertion and be a certain number that purchased to be included in the VIP club…but @onloop can confirm

o ok . and yea . i now its a laugh but thing is im the type of person when i now i want somthing i get it . im determined its a curse lol. and the other i have a 7 year old . girl that i’ve taught and molded by me . taught her how to surf . ride and summer is coming and i live in f.l . so i want to ride with her . she on her bike and me on the raptor . while promoting the shit out of it lol there are allot of yupi kids and college kids in orlando so itl be crazy . i want to be able to ride to the skate bark and rip on a regular board.

LOL…welcome to the world of DIY and Kickstarters…unfortunately or maybe fortunately they cant just pump these out …and you cant just shoot to best buy and pick one up…i know your on a budget and thats really a good thing…cause…this shit can get out of hand quick…especially if you start building them yourself…

anyway…be patient…and def take a peek at some older threads…and learn a little of the nuances of the VESC and some cool options in programing it…hey you may change your mind and just build one

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true . and your right because ive been asking my self what the hell is a vsc then i kinda put 2 and 2 together and was like that must be an onboard p.c . wonder if there using raspberry pi type of board and . what code language is it python open source . c++ c# or ruby on rails . im def gonna look it up


nice . thnx for the info def wll check this out

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Yeah. It was the first fe Raptor 1 who where purchased. I dont jnow how many. But now and again you get some sort of deals.

These prices are good. I have a boosted on reserve, but that probably won’t ship until next month.

I’m very torn since I can almost buy 2 raptors for the price of 1 boosted v2 dual+ (and extended battery)… but boosted is US based, great support, bamboo deck (I like the flex), transferable warranty,

If I can get a R2 for around 1k USD… I’m IN.

Hit me up with a PM. I’ve never done a group buy and not sure how you securely handle funds (also, does each individual get a warranty? or is only the ordering person getting them)… those are the type of questions I have.

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or build a trampa urban/street carver with VESC 6.0…for price of boosted and still have money for a trip to vegas…just saying

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Hummm not sure… trampa urban street carver + 2x vesc 6 + battery (doesn’t come with the board) + other stuff (connector, cable, enclosure) = 2500 (approx)

Those thing aren’t cheap toys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@monkey32 I’ve told him he could actually build a raptor 1 himself sans the carbon fiber deck which would make it even cheaper…But he’s on a budget…so Trampa is out … but now you threw that in his face and I bet hes looking that shit up right now tearing his hair out lol

but I just posted this up to see if there are people in need of this specific board

I would for sure be in if we could get the price in below 1k shipped.

Awesome that makes two of you …only 19 more to go…

Better start texting some friends

I might be interested but 24% taxes in Finland are real deal killer. So is this only for US peeps?

I’ll smuggle it in a salmon for you