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Roll Call. How many people are interested in replacement decks for Raptors, or decks for use with raptor drive systems and different batteries?

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Just a little head up, maybe you could the peeps on the club forum if they are interested, they’re also a great amount of Raptor 2 owner on that forum.


Good suggestion. I was thinking about the notion of reaching out to other forums to generate interest.

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My fantasy is to utilize the group setting to collectively envision some other versions of this board. Can raptor 2 riders please tell me things I can’t seem to find in any reviews online about the raptor 2 being ridden at the limits of traction while turning different kinds of corners. My theory is that the wheels can suddenly lose traction. but that they have good traction up until that point. Most people aren’t riding the board this way, but it is the crux and the complete focus of me when I consider the possibility that every rider newb or veteran is going to need to make acrobatic maneuvers at some point out of dire need to stay alive.

I’d definitely be on board. I think there’s a way to start a survey that people just click 1 button to fill out.

Is this one only for US? Do you have any pictures from the cut deck not only the render?

We have really good DHL rates, and discounts on USPS and UPS international. We ship everywhere in the world.

This board hasn’t been made yet. There are probably 3 or more boards I’m trying to spur talks for. This is a design in the making. What do you want to see?

We do have one deck pressed, and it’s likely going to be the 39" shape posted above.

Deodand, I don’t want a 1 button survey as much as I want nuanced anecdotal experience and thoughts about what will make the perfect board.

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I am live doing some design work to figure out just how to go about making my personal dream eskate which is the stretched skate deck.



Lol crashed my computer cuz I didn’t save progress and had 50 tabs open with obs streaming to YouTube. I guess that was all practice.


Yeah, I hear you on the nuanced discussion. Sorry I’m juggling a lot of things at the moment (as I’m sure lots of folk here in the forum are) so if you wanted to get some kind of number of ppl thats a good way. I can try and get you numbers on the r2 once I’m back in the lab.

Maybe you have gotten more info by now, otherwise I can tell you the battery part you have in 3d is most probably a rubber slab, not aluminium. To keep the battery compartment dry, they could not get a good seal against the wood.

I thought part of it was rubber, and part was alum. We’ll eventually see what that looks like in the real world.

Now I am positive it is soft. Also the riser is soft too to kill vibration: https://www.enertionboards.com/raptor-2.1-constant-improvement-initiative/


That’s great thank you! So this piece is all rubber. I think we’re on the right track still, but it seems all boards using this battery will need to be routed on the bottom to make room for the battery.

Enertion stopped routing out the battery compartment because of accuracy issues. The tolerances where too big to make it to mass production. It costed them too much time and the boards ended up not being splash proof. This routing stuff is only working for diy people who build their own one off enclosures. I did watched some of your life feeds cutting boards. I really envy your work, looks like a lot of fun creating decks for a living. Looking forward to your progress! Btw. Why is your site down?

They still route a flat surface on the bottom. Our website broke and we’re fixing it. I almost don’t care about that site specifically because we offer so much more than what is on the site.

any progress on this brotha @drangboards

I got a delivery today. Got the drive system, raptor 2.0 deck, and battery enlcosure. I am shocked at how huge these motors are. Beeftastic! I’ll take some pics and make a post.

Jansen, this is not the same as the thread Brent posted. That one is not the same. This one is still going down. I am going to be making a number of different decks all compatible with this battery and drive system.

image image image image image image image image image image image

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