Raptor 2 deck for sale - basically new

Have a R2 deck I used for a couple of rides before doing a deck swap and instead of collecting dust in my garage I figured someone could get better use out of it than I will…

Not really sure on price… is $200 sound fair given the price of the whole set up?

Get at me and we can figure something out. Pics below. Can’t have more than 10-20 miles on it.

IMG_0101 IMG_0102 IMG_0103 IMG_0104

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e: damn i guess this is too much for it :thinking: i just figured i would spring first to have dibsies >:)

Too much money

Your price is too high, adjust it and wake up.

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Yea…you aren’t going to get $200 for this

A Red Ember deck is cheaper than that and I would take that any day.

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I offer $100

is it really? I always figured treenutters boards were priced higher due to their nature

Thats good to hear though, I was worried about speaking to him about price :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a range, but you can get one for under $200!

Hit him up, buy one, ride that damn piece of art.

Already tried, I got hit with the “Wait” stick :rofl:

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There are alot of people buying from him. @treenutter is just a one man operation.

But anyways, let’s not derail this post.

@Jansen good luck with your sale, but you will need to adjust the price, or post it on reddit!


Like my post said fellas… I had no idea what to price it at and just threw that out there and that I’m open to work something fair out… Appreciate the honest input @Itsmedant @anon64938381 @venom121212 and there’s no need to get your panties all twisted about it cause I’m wide awake @brenternet which is why my post said what it did ya turd. Always so sarcastic you are :kissing_heart:

@joeadams101 if I have no better offers by the end of business tomorrow it’s yours for a crisp Benjamin (an electronic one of course) Where are you located?

On the other mentions of Jamie’s decks, I’m in the middle of getting one ATM and to get one under $200 once all is said and done is pretty much not gonna happen and the only way you miiiiiiight be able to is not having him do anything to it besides the shape I believe. Between custom add ons (paint, routing, etc), which deck you choose, shipping? etc you’ll have a hard time doing so. Rode on a few of them and they’re worth it though :slight_smile: It’s actually the real reason I am selling this deck. to fund my red ember for my new TB DD build. HAHAHA.


@Itsmedant you think a fool on reddit would pay $200? LOL

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I know some gummy fuck on reddit would pay 200 for it :rofl:

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Sorry I saw @itsmedant and @brenternet typing so I had to keep it short and sweet to beat them :smiling_imp:



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Word! SoCal like me or where abouts?

Oh hell yea…that place is filled with people who think chinese boards are the tits.

Throw it up there, you may get a few bites!

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Nice! Ok cool, will do. Thanks for the heads up, I don’t really use reddit at all as you can prolly tell… lol,

Los Angeles!!!