Raptor 2 Demo - San Francisco - Who's going?

I think I’m actually going to make it to San Francisco for the Raptor 2 Demo on Sunday. Anybody else going?

i’ll be there. it’s literally 3 blocks from my house. just checked on the location and especially tomorrow that area beside the road is designated as a roller skating only area and will the packed with rollerskaters if it’s nice out. If doing ovals at 5mph with elderly rollerskaters looks like fun keep it to a few laps max as they will get snappy

I might go. Doesn’t look like I can rewind these motors fast enough though. Winding motors is harder than I thought. I wish I had another week, or saw this earlier than 6 days before, lol.


I’ll be there as well

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I’ll be there

I got one motor rewound and passing all tests, and another almost, but man, it takes time to rewind for the first time, lol.

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can i seeeee some rewind…plzzz =)

oh make sure to take pics/vids and stuff when u guys are there ill be at work or i would drive there to visit y’all

Props brother! Im sure youll be moving much quicker by the 3rd and 4th motor :ok_hand:

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What are you rewinding for?

Cool. Looks like there will be at least a handful of us there. I’m gonna try to get there around 1:00ish. Should we do a little informal group ride after the demo? Like around 2:30-3:00 or something? I still have yet to ride with another actual human esk8er. Lol.

have you joined our group? we did a group ride a few weeks back but we’ll be hosting more on there as well.

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Just joined! Thanks for the invite. I don’t Facebook usually, but this is special. :wink: Looks like there will be a lot more people there than I thought. Should be a good time.

im super jealous right now

There was a “bay are eboarders” group as well before the one I made, but they don’t seem to be active as my request has been pending for weeks.

Winding isn’t hard but taking the old stuff off is.
@Jinra All are rewound from the root cause of magnet wire to motor lead connections that weren’t secured well enough and broke

Might rewind it in time but be there regardless. And will bring a carbon/wood deck I’ve been getting made with a 13mm cavity on the bottom if anyone is

interested. Shinny Two layers carbon

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nice cavity!! looks like you used a router right, i havent done carpentry in ages, but man that looks spiffy =)

Was trying to rewind for today so I could race the raptor 2 today, but it is taking too much time right now.

Once I’m done winding, I need to doing a thin epoxy coat and then, sensoring them all will take a full 8 hour day. All in all, I’ll be done by mid week likely.

If the kv is too far off the first motor from the rest, I’ll have to rewind that too. The resistance should have been lower than before, as I aimed for 27 turns, though I think some are 28, some are 25. The second motor, I was more consistent and accurate.

I’ll post some pictures when I have a chance. Not sure If I’m going as I have a bunch of friends going white water rafting today at Russian river. The only reason I wanted to go was to see the raptor 2’s power vs hummies motors. And since I can’t, eh…

I had to rewind 2 motors because the enamel finally broke down and a wire in each motor broke, causing a short.

I figured while I was at it, might as well do the other 2 also. Good chance to put in higher heat motor wire and I can hopefully raise the kv to around 100 kv, which should get me up to 30 mph with the 83mm wheels, instead of hte 26 mph that 80 kv does.


I was bummed last week when I lost a drv on a speed controller the night before the long beach event but I still had a great time. You should definately still go if for nothing else than to meet Jinra, hummie and the other local guys and test out the Raptor 2!

we’ve actually already met a couple times. Still hope he can make it out though.

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