Raptor 2 | Direct Drive vs Belt Drive

The Raptor 2 has way large hub motors than the imboard M1, so it’s not really a fair comparison. For the same sized motor, a belt drive would generally be better because you can gear it for torque if that’s what you want. There is no option to change the gearing on a hub motor. The raptor 2 aims to solve this problem with larger low KV motors.

The Raptor 2 has still not being released to the market, take everything you hear with a grain of salt. I saw the video comparison between the Raptor 1 and the Raptor 2 and the Raptor 2 had better speed and torque.

Yah I saw that video too, raptor 2 looking pretty promising thanks for the responses guys. I think the skate shop was just trying to sell their newly stocked evolve gts.