Raptor 2 for sale

brand new raptor 2 for sale , shipping from Orange County California, pm me offers

Tonight but I’m not going to do bids just shoot offers

@thisguyhere here’s your chance


Didn’t you buy this recently?

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Bought it never used it, no reason to let it collect dust

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nah, i’ve got three builds in progress so gonna skip



10 char

Very true… Go use it then?

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Can’t tell if this is a joke or not but I see you posting criticism on a lot of threads, are u interested in purchasing this item


Working on that now let me get back to u on that I’m in talks with enertion support on a transfer

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He’s all about function over form so I think it’s safe to say unless you are selling a MASSIVE battery with wheels attached, he’s not interested.



Yes function over form in this case would be using it to prevent dust collection, verse letting it sit and look pretty for a buyer (dust wiping personnel)…

In case you didn’t know, Will is currently unable to ride due to injury recovery.

Please stop it with that bro attitude of yours


“Here’s something you don’t know”

“Stop acting like you don’t know!”

oh ok sweet tits…thanks for pointing out MY attitude…lol

I’d rather be ignorant than intentionally a asshole, any day of the week…

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Plz start your own thread, and I initially bought it because I thought I was ready to ride again but I’m not hence why it is up for sale

That sucks you cant ride dude, I’m sorry…get well soon!!


Please do not buy or sell this skateboard. We believe it has been stolen (however, not saying Will stole it). Police reports have been filed, so we would recommend not buying this.

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What? Mods please close this thread