Raptor 2 hub motors or Hobbyking 6374 SK8

I have bought a set of Raptor 2 hubs from a wrecked Raptor 2. One of the motors are shaking a bit and I can’t figure out what the problem is… This is prolly due to “self inflicted” damage and the board is parted. I was intending to use this on my Evo falcon build but now that Hobbyking released a 6374 SK8 motor I’m tempted to go with them and some pneumatics. What would you guys do? It’s my first build so I’m pretty clueless on what’s best and what’s most reliable.

Here is a video of the motor that is shaking a bit. Maybe it’s not a problem? I didn’t try to run it on the board as I miss a ESC yet but the other motor is not shaking like this. I have a set of crossover wheels that I was going to use on them.

Don’t use that wobbly motor.

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Damn I wish I could get another raptor 2 drive to make a 4x4

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My first build was Carvon 2.5 which I mangled from riding too rough.

Ekate parts get banged up and worn out, and hub motors are hard to replace or get parts for.

Knowing what I know now, for first build I’d build something very middle of the line with commonly available parts, ride it for a season, then plan the premium build.

In my mind that’s 2x6355 belt drive, 10s4p, probably focbox.

Ok. Is it something that’s worth anything so I can sell it again? Not hiding the fact that they vibrate ofc but maybe someone has the stuff needed to fix them ^^

I have a 12S4P setup ready and escape vesc6 incoming. Only thing missing is the wheels/motors and then the hobbyking 6374 sk8 looks tempting.

It’s probably worth something to someone, worth a try. It might have a bent axle, not sure.

I have sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Might get sorted with the hub motor anyways. What a lucky day :smiley: Then I will try with the hubs first if I can fix the wobble and if not get 6374s ^^