Raptor 2 hub motors

Looking for one or two Enertion Raptor 2 hub motors. Doesn’t matter if it’s broken or not but would prefer if the rotor was damaged/shaking. Send me your price in a PM :slight_smile: I’m located in Norway but shipping worldwide is usually no problem these days.

@SeanHacker this thread was made for you dude.


Prepare your popcorn… :smile: :joy: IMG_2392

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Haha. This is the beautiful man that made this for me. He did a better job than enertion could. It’s a shame they don’t communicate their changes or I could’ve actually used it.



I want one :star_struck:

Is the only change that the threads are M10 on the new axle? Check if you measure 1.5mm between the threads because then it’s possible to tap a M10x1.5 thread inside the M8 I believe. Should be 0.2mm clearance :slight_smile:

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Did I miss anything?

No… sorry… I was just waiting for @SeanHacker 's reaction to this thread… but NVM :slight_smile:


Just out of curiosity, what are you planning with the hubs? I have a Raptor 2.1 coming to Norway in a few months.

I need spares :stuck_out_tongue: If one breaks down during our short season I’m fckd. Lost one due to rotor out of balance last year but got saved from a guy in this forum then :slight_smile:

I have a Raptor 2.1 drive kit for sale, just sayin :smirk: