Raptor 2 hub or TB Direct Drive(DD) or SwissBoards DD

Seeing as both have just been released and are in the same price bracket which is better. Both have their benefits but which would you buy and why?

  • Raptor 2 hubs
  • Torque boards direct drive

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I like direct drive better because of heat dissipation and the ability to easily change the wheels out.


Raptor 2 hubs… no bias here :wink:


Was considering both, went with the TB DD. Brands don’t come in to it for me this time, the ability to swap wheels out and have more urethane and future pneumatic options are just a no brainer.

The fact that Dexter is likely to ship on time does appeal though :wink:


Neither :smiley:, My advice ? Wait.

In regards to the raptor 2, wait to see if the sleeves no longer cracks and if this new version has all the kinks out

In regards to the DD, wait to see if it works and doesn’t have issues

If your someone who likes/willing to tinker out any issues that may arrive then sure go for it. If not I advise waiting.


Can confirm the new outwheels don’t crack anymore, have about 200km on them and they still holding up compared to the last 3 sets I had all cracked within 30km

The motors on the other hand I had the first batch of the silver motors with the less beefy back truck and they overheat like nothing else. The last 2 sets of black motors didn’t overheat but the first set locked up on me at 30mph and the second set just kept having a clicking sound. Sent back my motors and Hopefully the new version is better.

Id go with the Tb ones but wide hangers look like shit on anything other than snub nose/tail style decks

Really like how the r2 drive looks, with the wider rear wheels and narrower trucks


Yep. Same here. TB all the way. R2 hubs locked up on me at 30mph and the other broken ones would click, overheat like crazy, ect… I also don’t like being told that two years isn’t too long of a wait for something that only works 40 miles and breaks down after shooting 20k to the company in a month. :wink:

P.S- I have the latest “silver” version that over heats bad and does this weird stall on full throttle before it engages that will throw a pro off.


I got a chance to test ride the 75kv version with new 110mm big wheels. We had it set up BLDC unsensored, and even then they were smooth as hell. Amazing torque at 12S 60/-60A motor and 30/-12A battery… braking was great, smooth, no stuttering… even start from a very slow roll was smooth for BLDC unsensored.

The drivers go together so easily… install the axles with a dab of loctite, slide on the motors, slide on the wheels and torque down the axle nuts and done. Everything is very solid together, heavy duty, good machining, grade 8 kingpins, no slop in the pivot cup, the cans are thick AF- I don’t see these falling apart, they felt very stable and they fly on 12S.

When I get the cash for them, I will be going TB DD all the way. I’m glad they are selling the raptor hubs, considering them, but after riding the DDs I’m in love. I cant wait to try sensored for one, let alone sensored FOC.


image Also the clearance on dd is really bad

15mm clearance and my mounts are still fucked to hell and back when I shred hard… god knows how Long motors will last when I hear crunching sounds every time I go over a ledge…

So right now it’s a dilemma…


That’s one thing I’d be really concerned about. I would probably use the biggest wheels possible to avoid that issue.


Torque DD with Pneumies or Gummies all the way.


Yeah probably need 110mm and above maybe even some pneumatics :smile:


Tryna decide if i should buy the raptor 2 hub,tb direct drives or set cheaper maytech hubs till my carvons arrive and are placed on my gravestone lol


What deck are you going to fit them to?

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Both companies have seen my wallet this weekend. Got good expectations for this TB-DD + UNITY setup. Prefer the look and feel of thick PU 107 Superflys, and because of where/how I ride I have no issue or concern about the clearance. Would think differently maybe if I commuted through the city, but my patch is miles of flat coastal asphalt cycle tracks.


I would say the tb just because of the ability to swamp wheels but I guess well see how the tb drives hold up.

The factory that made the old Raptor motors is the factory that are making the new TB DD. Major quality control issues meant many motors with faults, just ask @SeanHacker he will gladly detail it for you. That’s why we have a new motor factory and the quality is far superior.

We made videos showing both these factories and processes, if anyone wants to get further insights check our YouTube.

Otherwise the “carvon” design looks pretty good! It does seem our old factory is sharing some of the design ideas we gave them, I assume its the exact same stator and exact magnets we used in the previous motor design. So the torque output should be great as its basically a direct copy.

The solid through axle design as used by hummie and carvon is likely a superior design for this type of dd configuration. Torque “master copycat” boards, I’m surprised you didn’t take that into consideration. I can only assume you want the aluminum hanger for improved heat transfer.

You definitely need to use these motors with a robust motor driver otherwise you just can’t maximize performance without reliability issues.

The heat sink hanger is also a patent infringement which could be problematic for TB.

The direct drive/ hub motors wars are about to begin folks

@hummie @carvon @torqueboards @onloop

Race on! 2019 is definitely the year of the 1:1 ratio drive trains. I’m looking forward to the competition! In the end the consumers win here.



I have been waiting for these wars a long time. Last contender I expect to trade blows would be swissboards but i have not heard from them since a long time ago. Metasurf DD’s are a wild card and who knows what to expect.

I am disappointed in the high prices tho, it should be a bit higher/in par with hub wheel prices since they are almost the same concept.

Do you guys are looking at these lockup reports? I’m nothing getting any, but if I were something like would definitely prevent me from buying them

It will be interesting to see how things play out. Glad to see more options.

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