Raptor 2 hubs alternatives

Hey guys,

i just wanted to ask if there´re are any similar or even more powerfull hubs as the raptor 2 ones.

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

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@Hummie makes a very competitive model with the raptor boards with amazing support, super easy fixing (pretty much everything is replaceable) and incredibly high quality from the testimonies so far. I intend to pick some up and my biased opinion is you should too XD.


Where do i get those?

If your willing to wait @torqueboards is working on a direct drive motor that should be released later this year. I’m waiting for those.

Hummies will be better 72mm diameters and full of copper goodness

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are the hummies as powerfull a the rap 2 ones?

More so I’d day and meant to disapate heat much better

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im excited to find out, but either way it goes i think both motors have enough power for most people and there are other important things too such as how does it feel and how durable are they.

but what would be a good power test? People ask “how powerful” but there’s no standardized test and if youre in the desert or the arctic you’ll have markedly different results.


i just wish i could plug a AT 6’’ wheel on a hubmotor, like plug and play…swap between Street and AT would be awsome. Someday we will see it, who knows.


Have you checked out @Martin 's DD mod of Maytech hubs. I may try this out one day, looks easy enough to do.


so what would be a good setup with your hubs which gives me about the same specs as the rap 2. And where could i buy your hubs? thx :slight_smile:

if by specs you mean power im not sure what the focbox will put out and thats the biggest variable for that. I set my escs to 100 motor amps and i forget what battery amps now but there’s the power part decided there. Speed…i dont think the raptor does 30mph and that’s standard on the 9 turn motor i sell with 12s.

i sell them through paypal for 500 a set with the other wheels and trucks

Raptor does 28… But I’ve been able to achieve 30 with some tweek


Yea since the Raptor 2 doesn’t have a high top speed it’s easy to stay full throttle and experiment with tucking and what’s more efficient with your body, I’ve done 33mph on the 97mm Raptor 2 wheels so fun!

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They aren’t radial direct drive (hub motors) but even better are the axial direct drive system called “Carvon SpeedDrive XL” which should be coming out soon, will be the best direct drive on the market

At least, for now. @torqueboards also has an axial direct drive system in the works.

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For empirical measurements, I would compare things like coil resistance and continuous current rating. Both of those are kV dependent, so you’d need to wind a motor with the same kV as the Raptor 2 motor for a fair comparison.

But I think most people are more interested in real world testing like http://skatemetric.com/index.php/visualize-and-compare/

Edit: For comparing motors with different kV values, there’s kM, the motor size constant, which is 1/(kV in rad/s x the square root of the coil resistance). This is a measure of how much torque the motor can produce for a given amount of heat produced, and remains the same no matter what kV you wind the motor for.

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There are far more accurate ways to measure the winding resistance, but the VESC makes an estimate of resistance and kV in order to do FOC, so you can calculate kM just with the numbers from the VESC Tool. I’d love to get a spreadsheet of numbers together to compare all the motors.

Edit: I can’t find the kV value in VESC Tool? It should be pretty easy to calculate.

It does somewhere; I forgot where.


So what (hub) motors would work out of the box on a Raptor 2? And give more or the same torque on 107 wheels?