Raptor 2 is here!

After a long grueling 13 months of waiting it’s finally here the Raptor 2!

I have not ridden it yet, still charging but I did notice quite a few imperfections.

First here’s some pics, the box comes now wrapped in white cardboard this is great cause you don’t want a box sitting outside your house that says most powerful direct drive electric skateboard.

Here are some of the imperfections I found mostly deck and seal related.

I have only turned it on and spun up the motors to make sure it actually works but was not impressed it may just be that it’s not charged it’s at 40% or that the hubs are really quite in FOC.

Here are some more pics of the board the trucks are super thick.

I’m off tomorrow so I will be testing it thourghly.

As soon as it’s done charging I’m going to take a quick ride around the block and give you feedback.


The raptor 2 has quite the beast of Initial torque you should love it charge it and let us know how you feel about it. Slight imperfections are bound to happen were all humans at the end of the day the real wonder is when you beat the crap out of it from hell and back and still works like day one that’s the wonder.


Well Ive been expecting it to be a torque monster we will see so far the only set up I’ve been to afraid to full throttle is my 12s dual 6374 with 16/36 gears on 90mm wheels it has insane torque I can’t see the Raptor being that good but Im sure I’ll be happy with it.

You should really contact evertion about that battery display plate and that little bump in the rubber layer. Those jeopardize water proofing.

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I’m not worried about the bump that’s between the rubber riser and the deck it’s not an actual seal but the display seal/cover thing worries me.

disappointing, I dislike decks with rounded edges & not gripped all the way to the edge more so :frowning:

hope she works out for you dude!

Hmm the grip thing is a design choice by Jason cause it looks nice but then that means a lack of grip when using the edges, that can be fixed easy enough, but honestly standing on the deck it feels really nice and I feel really locked in the W concave is great. Hands down it’s a way better deck than the Raptor 1 feel wise.

The full color graphics inside the box was a surprise to me, nice but it guess that cost a bit. The texture on the grip tape looks SAVAGE.

A few small scratches are nothing to worry about as after a little usage it will look way worse. Though its not apple fresh quality.

I’m sure after the first ride you will forget all about it.

Waiting the ride review.


These are just minor cosmetic issues, this might happen during shipment ad mostly under customs inspection because they might took the lid off to check the battery.

You can simply re-seat the seal properly and accurately. The LCD display is good I guess, I hope you checked it by turning the board on.

Actually, Customs are very strict now, they even tear apart the NANO-X to see the battery, we experienced it during shipments of Cyber Monday orders. Apologies for that.

Yea the display is fine the board is fine I did take it around my neighborhood last night after I threw some shred lights on it worked great.

I rode a little last night only a few minutes and I have to say it’s really smooth. The V2 deck is stiff, stiffer than my Evo deck but still the ride was smooth it felt like I was using 4 regular wheels I thought being a hub motor it would be rougher like a Koowheel but it’s actually smooth.

It’s not a silent board, the motors do have a slight hum when accelerating but it’s nothing like 6374 on bldc. The power is there, like LHB confirmed for me after he rode my DIY, my DIY belt board out accelerates and out brakes the Raptor 2 but doesn’t mean the Raptor 2 isn’t fast cause it’s fast it moves really well.

After owning a Raptor 1 and now a Raptor 2 I can honestly say the Raptor 2 is a real evolution over the Raptor biggest difference for me is deck feel the Raptor 2 deck makes the CF raptor deck feel like a toy.

I’ll take more pictures and I’m gonna ride it around today so let’s see what happens lol


Glad to hear that, Adjust the speed and braking sliders in BLDC tool to get best out of Raptor 2

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The cosmetic wear isn’t anything to worry about it is a skateboard after all. I know it bugs me because I am very anal when it comes to building a board. they just didnt apply either a second coat of paint/stain or they only get a light spray on layer of lacquer just take a little black spray paint on a qtip and touch it up if it bothers you. When I put graphics I always check the edges after sanding to make sure no paint or stain came off but that is just me and how I build.

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It really doesn’t bother me honestly, when I built my Evo it was all nice and shiney but that didn’t last long either haha

So on the App I found that it has 4 modes this is useful for when noobs want to ride, on my diy don’t have any modes set up just one set up “stupid fast” and that not good when noobs want to try my board I have to be the jerk and say no :frowning:



Set it to pro and enjoy the beast with it’s full abilities :slight_smile:


Took the lid off to reseat the display seal and took some pictures.

Wow look at those tiny bullet connectors, here it is compared to the standard size we use in DIY

The interior looks nice with no wasted space.

And I do like the single plug for both focbox

And here is the new seal we were all waiting for lol


They are probably 3.5mm bullets as that is what comes on the focboxes

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ive heard of that but i havnt seen it in person its so tiny i would think the wires would need to be thicker lol

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not really 12 gage is good for 50amp cont and 100amp burst for dc motor so it’s more than enough. I found that the most of the chart is based on ac voltage which is irrelevent

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