Raptor 2 - Lazer Cut Grip Design ideas | HELP ME DESIGN IT

I started playing around with the grip tape design… not entirely happy with the results… need some inspiration

Maybe some tetris like design to match the enclosure…


I liked the fat stripes like in the video of the prototype in the hill climb video.

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Personally I think simple with just company name on it, it’s a bit of a stealth machine anyway. Get too fancy and it will start looking a bit naff.

can you upload the .PSD file so that we may also have a try at it :smiley:

A color change option would do

What about something like this one? That “raptor” written in the middle is not the best, I think a logo like the “E” of Evolve fits better the look of a board

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return to it the beta flair with the slash marks. Its fashionable to be retro, and an original design from a beta stage era could be what was right all along. then again, I like my boards fully gripped. maximum grip!

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Do you guys have any suggestion for me?IMG_20190227_005448 IMG_20181018_205330

I am thinking something like these 2. I feel these are a better fit to the curves of the board as compared to hexagons. Can someone with an artistic eye comment on it. 5393ca924cb762ce2802622c651cdc4f55cedbd4_2_666x500 d0858f0503646fccbd33da0cd2a37d77f6a73289_2_281x500

I wasn’t sure if I should create a new topic or post in this topic asking for design suggestions. I realize it’s for raptor 2 though.


What are you using now? Your board seems without grip tape. I actually prefer it like thst. Otherwise grall fritt only where to stand in it could be a nice solution to still see the natural wood.

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I haven’t been using anything at all. Because of the drop and the concave I already feel pretty secured. But turning at high speed, sometimes I feel it would be nice to have some extra grip.

BTW, I decided to go the glass frits route and it ended up looking terrible. IMG_20190314_224313 IMG_20190314_224320

I had to do quite a bit of work to restore it to normal. After restoration: IMG_20190316_190118


yeh probably black on brown is not the best. Maybe bettwe fine glass frit just in the sport you need it and clear.

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you didn’t like it ? Not enough frit, and to maybe too big also ?.. But I think I like it ^^ maybe with more small frit, and not on all board … IDK but some alternate (I think I will let the front and rear tip and the middle free, and I like the black frits matching all your black part and wheels etc.) But I’m saying what @rey8801 already says I guess ^^

I tried this spray grip from skateshred and its perfectly clear and gives a decent grip however not as gripy as regular griptape.

Oh the grip was awesome(the big frits would go inside my shoes and bit and just lock in place), I just didn’t like how it looked. I just love the dark wood look. Maybe like you and @rey8801 suggested a fine glass frit might be better and that maybe even a transparent one. I feel like it’s going to take a lot more experimentation than I am willing to undertake.

@M.Hboards, great find. From the image it looks like it shows the grains underneath, that’s actually ideal for me. Also looks convenient. Will give it a shot.

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Yes thst clear grip that is good. Only thing that tends to detach and you find on your hands and cloths of you scrape it. At least that what I have seen from reviews

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Here’s a deck i just gripped with the clear spray grip tape as you can see it looks perfectly clear!0320192057 0320192058


What grit of sand paper would you equate it to