Raptor 2 live update

Hi Jason, i didn’t get to ask you on your last live update about the motherboard! will we be able to get to the usb ports on the vesc-x ok it looks tight maybe include an angled micro usb connector which is left connected to each vesc-x so you can access the port easily? nice work so far mate can’t wait to get mine.

regards Sanjoy

thanks for the reply! instills so much confidence

Take a look at v6 surely that’s the way.

email Enertion or pm @ onloop

You didn’t even ask him. Jason is just some random name here in the forums. Use the @ along with the user name to ping the person you’re trying to contact. Also. Those angled micro USB extenders are like .50 cents a piece. There’s really no need for them to be included.

What you don’t know your name !!!

What you think I didn’t try that. Go do one.

Lol. Damn dude. Not sure what your problem is. But that might be why no one is answering you. I really don’t think Jason goes around searching every thread here looking for the generic name “Jason”. That would be ridiculous considering he has a business to run. Just learn how to post correctly and I’m sure you’ll get a response.

You posted in a public forum. You’re talking to everyone at that point. :wink:

Just use the pm system if you want a private answer.

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OK, @sanjoy let me give you some simple advise.

First if your looking for answer on a subject, do a research first, if there already a topic on the subject (like in your case the raptor 2 thread… here https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/raptor-2-most-powerful-direct-drive-electric-skateboard-kickstarter/12694) use it, before starting a new topic that can easily be lost between every else topic. Specially if your doesn’t address it-self to anyone in particular.

Second, if you try to reach someone in particular use there name with @ before, again like in your case Jason from Enertion @onloop, so they can get a little notification, that should help them find your thread.

Third and most important BE POLITE to people who try to help you.


Ok what do do you think! I’m using two vesc-x and they are working really.well. My question was for a reason I struggle to get the micro USB once the board is wired up. Don’t get me wrong vesc-x I think is good. But I v6 makes more sense.

And I’m waiting for them to arrive. All good let share

@sanjoy you drunk dude? Your posts make no sense, almost bot like.

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Good for you, but the V6 is bigger than the VESCX, and don’t worry I think Enertion Is also thinking about those detail. :wink:

Hi you, I don’t feel that I have been unpolite. How have I been rude? To ask and question is the point of the forum. I truly do apologise if I have upset any one on the forum . My board only works so well because of you. Don’t need you but love what you give.

You’re a really cool guy. Have a great day dude.

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Remove what you like. I just asked a question clearly that’s not ok . Know worries I will just cancel my order clearly that’s what you want

Your question is alright and legitimate…

Is just your attitude… kinda sucks…

Have a good day.

I think he meant “twat” and “dick head” in the good way

OHHHH sorry I just misunderstood… thank you Fucking Dickhead Twat @blasto … but in the good way…