Raptor 2 min range while blasting

I am curious. What is the lowest range you’ve been able to get with the latest raptor. I don’t have android so I haven’t really got a convenient method of checking this but I’d bet I’ll get lower than 10 miles going mostly full throttle. Can anyone tell me what the raptor does at full throttle for yo my over distances?


I think you will get following Slow mode: minimum 8-10 Miles - Maximum up to 25 miles R-Spec mode: minimum 8-10 miles - Maximum up to 20 miles

Note: Values vary because of multiple factors involvement

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You won’t be left out soon haha, I’m building the iOS app for Enertion so stay tuned…


Just to clarify, you expect min range on slow mode to be the same as the min range in R spec mode?

sofu, I am stoked on the iphone app and will pay whatever it costs.

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use the xmatic app brotha…

No way!!! That sick! Any previews? When is it coming out? Are you doing it for them or just in general geared towards them?

On my OG Raptor 1 I was getting 10-17 miles and on my Raptor 2 with bigger newer battery I was getting 8-10 miles lol

Maybe the 2.1 is more efficient but I think it has to do with the Raptor 1 being geared with a reduction ratio and the Raptor 2 is 1:1


This can’t be right… I would imagine that slowmode should at least have 20% more range, if not more :thinking:

I get hardly more than 15 km on my Raptor 1. The 10s4p battery and the higher capacity of the cells make a huge difference.

Oh it’s an enertion product to go along with enertion ESCs and other products, it’ll cost nothing and only requires a unity or other enertion ESC or hardware. @Jansen no previews yet, likely a week or so away from that but we will see…


How will the app/future updates be tested?

I know it’s probably a little too soon to ask, but someone should :joy:

E: I mean will you be testing it, or will enertion

The R2 will never ever get 25 miles. This is false info. Not even in the most perfect conditions will a Raptor get this type of range. The Raptor is a 10 mile or less range board no matter how you cut it. I’ve owned two of them. Not to mention the 6 others I know that own one that get even less than that.


Maybe if the hubs didn’t suck power like a fat kid with a milkshake :smirk: :joy:


If only the hubs didn’t overheat within the first mile.


I know the struggle, the MAX hubs 130kv are probably similar in power consumption… Never got more than 15 miles out of my space cell pro 4 🤷(10 fast miles, 5 crawling speed)

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It’s not. I’ve owned both. The R1 was solid. The R2, not so much.

Enertion must be competing against Boosted over the board with the worst range title :rofl::rofl:


Pretty sure theyve won when you consider the chemistry and composition of the packs they use… :joy::joy::joy:


@sofu that’s your in the background of my new profile pic btw lol

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With an old battery 10s3p pack (25r) my “Raptor 1” rebuild with CarvOn V4 gets this kind of range because of freewheeling. Obviously not full throttling all the time. Damn DDs are efficient!

My last ride with @BigBoyToys :pensive: did 17 miles and used 50% battery ( I know it’s not entirely accurate, but still awesome image

On the same battery with dual 6355 I got about 15 miles

Currently the Raptor 1 build has a new 10s3p 25r pack and dual 6274s barely got 10 miles going slow. I wonder what difference 30q would make.