Raptor 2 more reliable then original?

I paid 1500usd for my raptor with tons of problems now the raptor 2 is 900usd? Im not sure how preselling a product that was flawed so badly on the previous model will be much better. Read the warranty before spending your hard earned money. When I asked for a refund the first weekend all I got was “we can find someone to buy yours” That didnt sound like a refund to me. If i would have paid to ship it back and forth for repairs I would have been out 3 or 4 hundred dollars and probably 2 months with out it. Not everyone had all the problems I had but enough with similar ones. I have seen recent topics that dont speak highly of the raptor get locked out. I wonder why. Free speech in the U.S. but maybe not Australia.

Hi Chris,

I can understand you were not happy that you had some faults with your raptor, However, we do offer a 12months warranty that covers all repairs. We also offered you several options which you ultimately decided to refuse.

  • You were given the choice to return the product for a full refund.
  • You also had the choice to get repairs done for free at repair agent.
  • From memory, we also sent parts to you so you could resolve your issues.
  • We also offered to sell the product on your behalf and then refund you the full amount after it was sold to the new owner.

Also, Thanks to your constructive feedback regarding Raptor 1, We have also redesigned & upgraded many parts & production procedures to make repairs even quicker & cheaper for the end user.