Raptor Dual for sale -- SOLD

Selling my Raptor Dual. Purchased it last year. I live in the bay area. Will come with extra belts and an extra charger. I put maybe 35 or 40 miles on it. I posted it on Ebay. All interested parties can check it out on there. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/162567667977

Shipping to Sweden?

Damn! If this would have been 2 weeks ago, I would have totally bought this from you. I just recently paid $900 w/ shipping for one in much more beat up condition. Yours is practically mint condition, other than some scrapes on the motor mounts. Oh well, it’s a great deal for the buyer

Sorry dude. Been sitting on it for a month or two but I’ve been busy with school and work and my second job to post it.

No dude sorry. Can only do ground shipping. International shipping with the battery is too much of a headache to deal with.

Sold, i just got my refund from my Blink S2 order i canceled and was looking into making a board but anything i want to make would cost me more than $1000 and now i run into this, i had to run to my wallet and hit buy it now what a deal!


never thought id buy a Raptor after buying a Raptor 2

What a lucky SOB. Wish I had the chance for this one, but mine is still kicking strong. I also ended up selling my Blink S2 preorder. Acton is truly a joke of a company and so is their pansy CTO. Lie after lie and people still put up with them. Just for an under-performing over weight board with generic off the shelf parts. You will totally love the Raptor. Damn thing is a beast and scary as F***!

What a good deal. The Raptor dual is awesome. Well worth the price you paid.