Raptor Dual for sale with extras - USA only

It’s winter where I am and I preordered a Raptor 2, so I’m selling my beloved Raptor Dual! Ridden approximately 6 times, maybe 50 miles tops. I received this September 30th. I think it’s one of the last batches? It has the newer wheels, 3D printed wheel pulleys, the deck doesn’t have the extra screw holes, has a rocker power switch.

The only issue I had was breaking belts. Turned out it was my fault due to the rocky roads where I live. Jason and I originally thought the issue was the wheel pulleys. Their customer service is amazing and they sent me new ones. I haven’t installed them yet.

Includes Winning remote - which has never caused me issues, charger, new wheel pulleys, 4 extra belts, a GT2B remote and the Buffalo enclosure (or whatever it’s called) that I never got around to putting together since the Winning remote never caused me issues. I will mail you the Nano-X remote when Enertion ships them out!

I will post images soon. I painted the trucks and handle black - looks way better! There is a tiny scuff on the tail from the one time I didn’t have the tail cover on and did a pivot turn. The tail cover covers up the scuff. The motors have some chips/dings/scuffs from riding on roads with tiny rocks all over the place - I’m in Wyoming where they throw rocks on the road instead of salt in the winter. Other than that, it looks like a board that’s been ridden 6 times…new.

So yeah, practically new board for sale. Discontinued. Six plus months away from being able to get your paws on a Raptor 2. So, if you live someplace not covered in snow right now and want to get on an EXTREMELY powerful and fast board NOW, here is your chance!

Any questions, please ask. I don’t know how shipping will work, but I figure I can ship domestically no problem by prepackaging it and just cough cough not telling them there’s a 240Wh battery inside…

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What price range are you looking at?

You guys will determine what these boards are worth :wink: Feel free to PM me offers.

I’ll be interested in the deck if you sell for parts

@Redpredator8 I have a brand new raptor deck I just recieved. My battery dosent fit in it tho so was going to return it. Located in us California. 7148132388 text

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Hey man! Bummer your battery didn’t fit into that deck. I noticed the area code and you must be in Orange County somewhere. That’s where I live, send me a message and we could skate.

Yea dude I’m from Anaheim Hills. Cool beans. Just took my deck to fed ex to ship back to Australia, they wanted $390 lol no thank u! I’ll try the post office next. HMU let’s ride. I’m waiting on my dual carvOn v2.5 right now

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still for sale. only ridden about 10 times.

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You should put up a price?

$1,400 obo

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You should be able to get that. Hold tight.

Still for sale if anybody’s interested. Just make me an offer. I can ship in the USA.

Still available?

Yes. I take FB payments, PayPal, and Venmo. Can ship same day.