Raptor dual impressions - second batch

got my battery last thursday. i had received the raptor a while back but could only stare longingly at it. there was non-stop rain here in the bay area. the storms finally let up and i was able to take the raptor out for a spin. i’m no stranger to speed. i’m a full-on thrill seeker and i drive high-powered vehicles that require delicate but deliberate touches and leave little room for error. i drag knees while tracking my heavily modified 2009 Yamaha R1 on racing slicks. over 200hp, and less than 500 lbs makes it a cruise missile on two wheels. very touchy throttle with no traction control. i also have a '68 pro-touring camaro with over 650hp… no traction control either and an even touchier throttle. i can go on and on about drifting cars i’ve had and so on but you get it. the funny thing is that those toys i just mentioned are much more tame and much better daily-driver material than this board was out of the box, and they don’t give as big a thrill as this bad boy.

my first impressions with the raptor were mixed. i love carbon fiber, so i was drooling all over it. even the outside of the rear wheels have a carbon fiber hub. very slick. the design of the deck is great. the deck has four extra holes drilled into the front and back to accommodate other size trucks (newer models will not). i also don’t know if i trust the drive belts to last very long either. i bought extra and will have to keep them handy. otherwise, i love the look and the high-grade quality components.

there were early-assembly kinks to work out too, but it just required me checking and tightening all bolts, which I should do anyway.

then i rode it. yes, high quality components. the wheels are just right. the deck has a kicktail, allowing you to take on corners. it has more power than i expected. whooo! i’m 190 lbs and had lots of wobble at speed even with the trucks tightened quite a bit. i’ll try to tighten them even more but may have to replace bushings. the remote feels great in my hand… but… the remote settings it was shipped with really really really suck. i’ve been hearing about “millimeter increments” but the truth is that even at the lowest signal it is running quite hard, continuing to accelerate even when it’s already at uncomfortably fast speeds. i was hoping it would top out at a reasonable clip but i didn’t have a safe stretch where i could have safely “topped out” (i’m referring here to the lowest sustained speed where the throttle is not off, not referring to wide open throttle/top-speed). so the only way to ride it is to give it some juice and then let it coast and then accelerate and then coast… rinse, lather, repeat. very ghetto. minimum sustained speed under power is already silly, and applying even a few millimeters of more throttle will be X-games territory. i’m sure this will easily be addressed after tweaking the settings. it’s pretty cool that we can fine tune all the settings.

the good news is that the remote settings are supposedly addressed with a bit of reprogramming. i think the remotes ended up with different characteristics than what the controllers were programmed to handle. but we need to buy some obscure usb down adapter part to connect a cable to the VESC and we need to download some linux program and a bunch of other hassles. then i have to go hunt around through some forum posts to find instructions and then deal with trial and error while i fine-tune it. ugh. not a showstopper i guess. it will allow me to fine-tune it to my liking. i’d be less annoyed if it already came with a cable and adapter and some step by step instructions so i didn’t feel like there were so many barriers to overcome. right now there’s a lot of inertia to overcome and it’ll take me a while to get to it… expected hassles of being an early adopter.

then there is the lack of a reliable signal from the remote due interference from the old-style lids. new lids are being sent out that allow for greater signal range. they’re not sexy carbon fiber but i prefer function over form any day of the week. i wonder how long it will take to get these new lids though. in the meantime, the raptor is useless unless i remove the lid altogether or drill lots and lots more holes.

i’m still pleased with the purchase so far. all of the issues are surmountable and look to be teething pains with the first batch. if remote sensitivity and signal reliability are addressed, then it would be an unbelievable product. as far as assembly/quality control, i don’t have the time or electrical skills to assemble it myself so i’ll just accept what i get. to be honest, the thought of soldering wires and shrink-wrapping components makes me cringe and who knows what hurdles i’d run into and how much time i’d sink into building it myself. i know i would have royally screwed that part up and burned several precious weekends. i’m a little conflicted… on one hand i expected a pre-assembled, turnkey unit. on the other hand, i have to accept the reality of issues that come with early adoption of a bleeding edge product. in the end, a little frustration with an early unit will be well worth it, as there is nothing else quite like it.

am i glad i bought it? yes. once i work out the issues with the remote, it will be the coolest commute vehicle ever. right now it’s a thrill-seeking toy, but still cool. i’d rather have this raptor over a boosted board any day, even with the uncalibrated remote. this is much more like a custom hot rod than a production vehicle. as long as i keep thinking of it that way, i’ll have the right perspective as this is the product of a labor of love. i also appreciate the support from enertion by recognizing the issues and coming up with solutions. i gotta admire the loads of time and energy has been spent in R&D to get to this point. this initial batch may have been a bit rushed out the door, but i guess i’m now part of the process (and glad to be part of it).

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Thanks for your honest review & detail summary of thoughts regarding the raptor!.

I feel you topic deserves are thorough response.

this was just stupid mistake, trying to make a product compatible with different trucks had no advantage & made it look shit… none of the decks come like that anymore…

this won’t be an issue, they last a very long time unless something specifically destroys them… like rocks, debris etc or really abusing them by smashing the throttle on full & braking really hard instantly over & over… 9mm htd5mm belts are now basically an esk8 industry standard and there are hundreds of people who can reassure you that they will work well for a very long time. TIP: make sure you don’t have them too tight. they should be tensioned softly.

about 30% of these boards were assembled by people who where new employees… sometimes you expect other people to know what you know about building eboards… exactly how much torque should that bolt have is something that an individual only realizes after building & riding many eboards… This was my biggest fuck up. Basically, I got to the point where I could no longer run my business, pack orders, answer emails & build raptors as a one man band… I needed help fast and with that came mistakes… lesson learned! I should have planned better & trained-up some help way before I was deep in the shit.

YEAH i agree inside looks like shit, the solution is not as easy as you might think… I could make a small mounting rig and then route the cables & make it beautiful, but unfortunately it was too late to do that and i was drastically behind schedule. My intended solution (below) had some major setbacks and was never going to be ready in time to make it into these raptors so it was a matter of doing it the best we could. The Inside of the raptor will eventually be a master piece.

yes, replacing the bushings is a very good idea, those ones are only good if you weight like 60-70kg… Eventually ill have a solution for this, i am working with a professional skte bushing company who make cutom bushing for downhill racing. So ill have them tuned for the speeds and riding that i think most raptor owner will be doing.

this will go away after some fine tuning, once again this could have been resolved with a better QC process! lesson well learned! Here is a really boring video demonstrating it

YES, you need a USB cable that fits!, ill be supplying them from now on. ALSO, I offer a free 2 hour vesc session with @jacobbloy so you can learn how to program your vesc to suit your requirements!

All these issues go away with new lid, will arrive at your house in 10-14 days.

I really appreciate this approach, Yes, the product has had some teething issues… I could have held it back… But this entire process has actually been extremely beneficial for rapid raptor development (as much as it probably has been disappointing for the early adopters)… because if I didn’t release it, If I never made these mistakes and never got such awesome feedback from my customers there is a chance I may not have fix some of the problems… Learning from mistakes is great! you need to make them first though… I really want to thank all my customers for helping me make a better product.

Final notes to readers of this thread, once the teething issues are all gone and the product is close to perfect the price unfortunately will go up, this product has market leading performance and needs to be priced accordingly, also i am a business that needs to make a certain margin to survive which i am not doing at the previous Raptor sales prices, so eventually there will be no more hot raptor sales. So if you are keen on a raptor and are an early adopter keep your eyes out for upcoming sales, there are probably only two or three more sales coming.


Like the post. Your thoughts and feelings echo some of my own with the raptor dual. Part of the issue with the dual is the stupid torque it has…for a beginner eboarder (like me) it’s the equivalent of learning to ride a motorcycle on your R1. I also agree on some of the fit-n-finish issues…didn’t actually think my battery was going to fit at first, really had to cram everything in. I can’t speak to the connectivity issue, but I highly encourage you to download BLDC tool and change your PPM and deadband settings…really does make the board more usable and enjoyable and it’s not that difficult. I know jack about computers or electronics and I was able to figure it out. For me it changed the board from a thrilling, but somewhat nerve racking experience to a fun cruising machine with tons of power on tap that I can ride for miles at a time.

Honestly he had mostly legitimate claims except for the assembly. The nuts and bolts on a pre-built Esk8 should be double/triple checked no matter what. Expecting them to be perfect is unreasonable and fool-hardy. Buying a diy Esk8 that is pre-assembled is STILL A DIY.

As much as I would like to agree with you, As much as I also strongly recommend my customers get into the habit of checking over their boards before riding it… at the end of the day…the responsibility is 100% mine! to make sure I deliver exceptionally built products that don’t need anything to be done…

I can’t expect people to praise me for awesome products if they are not truly awesome! So I have some work to do and I will not stop until I have the best eboard on the market in terms of performance, technology & build quality. I’m not here to be mediocre… I am here to be the best.


. Lol

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Still, if you buy a car and hear a screech/sequel when braking/turning, its your job to identify it and bring in into a dealership/mechanic shop so they can fix it. If its under warranty you dont have to pay, if not they its out of pocket. Same with Esk8s. While you dont have to do any real work, just like with electric skateboards, commonsense goes a long way.

You have good parts quality, but apparently poor assembly. That is different and not a emphasis of the type of service you provide.

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good quality Mel Brooks

@onloop, The picture with the future ideal inside of the Raptor looks great, is this what the 2nd batch of Raptors planned for end of March goining to be? If not when do you plan to incorporate this in the Raptor?

The new layout isn’t that different from the current one and the capacitor board is missing. If I’m correct it’s essential for the VESC. The micro USB on the side is a great idea!

no unfortunately this design won’t be in the next batch of raptors, the internal module is actually a full enclosed waterproof ABS hard case. The mold cost alone is about 30-40k. It will be awesome though! It will make building a raptor extremely quick. There will be capacitors built in. Everything is fully enclosed.

I would happily take a retail sales price increase on your final product if all these were implemented. This comes from someone who is completely no hands-on though.

Really looking forward to hearing some good reviews, clean of the minor setbacks, on your 2nd batch of raptors to encourage me to get one myself.

Keep up the amazing work!!!

How many sold in the second batch? I’m really hoping to see a good number of reviews, and video reviews. Testing the actual range, actual speed, braking and now linear the speed control is, durability, build quality, if all issues were resolved, etc. On paper the raptor is the best in the market, and I’d pay a bit more than the boosted dual plus I own granted if everything just works. But I’m waiting until everything just works.

The retail price is $1500USD i don’t think it will go higher than this… maybe if I offer the 10S4P battery there will be some extra cost… it might be like an upgrade option though. maybe $100 more for 33% extra battery

Technically due to the delays of the first batch, the 2nd batch basically became the First batch… So the next batch, which will ship at end of month (will be the 2nd batch) will have all these problems below resolved.

here are the problems that won’t exist in next batch

  1. bad reception due to carbon fiber in lid, new lids have been developed.
  2. remote controllers not custom tuned in each raptor, will tune each one individually.
  3. loose bolts on some drive trains, we have a new & very strict QC process to double check everything thrice.
  4. some bad switches in the batteries (6of30), this has been resolved, old switch no longer being used. (actually the battery is a updated design that has a new BMS design which will make the battery slightly lighter in weight and slightly more compact)
  5. No extra holes drilled in deck to accommodate for different trucks.this was ugly and served no advantage.
  6. Low voltage cut-off will not be the job of BMS, it will be controlled by the VESC, there will be a soft cut-off so that people get some warning before the board turns off.
  7. Maybe ill de-tune the power a tad… lots of people complained it was too powerful…

That one cracks me up! lmao :joy:

What about encouraging Jacobloy to finish that BLDC app (maybe via financial means)? If you address the problems you mentioned AND make easier to custom tune…I think these boards would make one hell of a compelling product.

Sounds good, I think I’m going to see how the 2nd batch turns out and i’ll go in the for the 3rd. Also, de-tuning the power?? I don’t want to get a board that’s less powerful than the boosted dual plus!

Okay, so I’ve been learning to ride this beast a little now, and can cough up a few humble suggestions…

First off, anything that can make both mini-USB connectors accessible on the dual VESC’s would be a big plus. Yes, I have the special “down under” USB cable, but the controller readings via BLDC only seem to be available when connected to the master VESC, which is the harder-to-connect-to one.

Next, the little rectangle of plexiglass that protects the SPACE Cell LCD readout wasn’t secured, and quickly disappeared somewhere in some rough asphalt. I fashioned a replacement, and glued it in with JB Weld. Problem solved.

The controller settings as shipped threw me on my ass instantly and impolitely. As noted in #2, dialing in the controller settings before shipping would avoid anal bruising. :weary:

Personally, I think folks are fooling themselves to think that they’re gonna buy this Ferrari and be able to race it full speed without tinkering. I knew what I was buying, bought it, received it after months of lusty dreams, and immediately reconfigured it to match my own limited ability at the moment. And yes, I’ll crank it up to full power soon! This ain’t yer mama’s e-board!

I can’t express how much I love the open-source architecture and design of this thing. @onloop is the dude!!!

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