[Raptor Dual] One motor starts breaking. (short in windings) Solution found

Hi everyone, my first topic here. Too bad it’s one with bad news for myself. I’ve uploaded a video and some pictures to give you an idea of my problem. The motor just started breaking/reversing so I had to disconnect the vesc bridge to be able to drive home on one motor. (sorry about the video angle but I guess the point is still made)

The video shows the resistance of the motor now.The motor detection being run and causing the battery to shut down.

The raptor dual on it’s side with motor unmounted Shot of the copper windings (which seem okay to me) Shot of the magnets

I’ve ordered 2 new motors already from Enertion, but if anyone knows a good EU adress with fast shipping it would be appreciated !

if you want additional motors, i think @elkick has stock(esk8.de).

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Can’t seem to find the exact same motor there (6355 190kv). But thanks for the advice !

Ok, but they have 6354 with 200kv, this is so close you need not to change anything.

Enertion should be able to express you a new motor. Go to the enrtion support email address first ans mark Urgent

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I’ve ordered 2 of them already asking for asap shipment. But I guess it will take 1-2 weeks still. So if there’s a European option that could be quicker I’ll take it and keep the other ones as spares.

But guys, for clarity, I didn’t do anything totally wrong with the board. It just got a little hit by a curb. At the moment I was hoping it was only the wheel to jump up. Can’t find any damage on the motor or impact mark. That’s why I made this post…

I’m actually thinking of mounting the motors behind the trucks as it would still leave a little kicktail left but protect the motors for future bumps…

maybe it is a short in the motor? through the shock even if it was not direct to the motor? How did you get the pulley of the motor? did you heat the screws which hold the motor in place to soften the loctight?

I don’t rule a short-circuit out of the question, but it would be strange… Where should I look for it? At the point where the wires enter the motor or at the VESC-connection? But then again since the VESC is totally glued shut I think it would be impossible for something to have moved in there. Even without power, there’s sound and resistance on the motor. (video at start) I’ve disassembled it and checked the bearings. The motor- bell and rotor are still straight and nothing is deformed. I didn’t have to heat anything, just apply the right amount of torque in the beginning for the loctite to break and loosen the screw.

Maybe it is a short in the phase wires where they go into the motor(they sometimes are not heatshrinked enough). Or a short in the windings themselves.

Take a look at the windings, all 3 in contact with each other and the aluminum of the motor. If I compare this to my good one it’s exactly the same.I can still do motor detection trough the BDLC tool though… It just shuts down my battery (thank god for safety circuits)

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I’m not sure what I’ve done. Which makes this still a problem…

I played with the heatshrink and put the wires as nice as possible without disconnecting anything. I put the remote on my second vesc and tested again. It’s working again !!! Next thing I did is soldered the two vesc’s together again ( master/ slave connection) alligned everything as it should. Both motors up and running again. Just did a small test-drive of a kilometer. Like nothing ever happened…

So what’s the cause of this short exactly (as a hit on my wheels, obviously not motor, could trigger it…

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Seems like a VESC related problem…or at least I’m hoping it has nothing to do with the motor…

Could it be the connection of the reciever to that other vesc. You woukd think its the vesc. I know the connection between motor and vesc is an issue. The soldering may look right, but not. The da, biard just gets a pounding on ridges. i for ine dont ride on cross timber decking. I know you shouldnnt have to worry about it, but its hard to ride over anyway with the vibration. Glad yourve fixed it yourself. Well you cab make another board with the motors your getting. Did Enertion support help you at all?

I’ve only been concentrating on the motor, since the VESC part is so tightly glued. Will try a definite solution and then I will do some serious testing, I will go to that same bump again and see if I can reproduce it. But as for now. Everything is pointing in the direction of the wires entering the motor, where some smaller stranded wires came loose, it’s either that or the shaking rubbed the enamel off the copper.

So I found the problem, described in my post above. It’s a combination of the motor wires being able to move freely at the motor entrance and the large amount of copper inside the motor underneath the coils. Some of the stranded wires were broken from the vibrations and rubbing against each other.

So the solution. (Has been tested thoroughly by myself, hence why this post comes in so late)

Rubber isolation spray I’ve used:

Without disconnecting anything (since the raptor is nicely glued tight), pushed back the wires inside the motor and coated them in rubber.

After the coating, pushed back the wires in original place:

Pulled the triple heat-shrink back, and glued it tight in position with a hot glue gun.

Put the motor back together and on the raptor. Adding cable management to the wires so they are more stiff and can’t move anymore. And replaced the Enertion paperclips with cable ties secured under the raisers.


So I swapped out the motor today. Got everything as smooth as possible again (motorwires as in the pictures above) So I decided to go for a test-run.

Seriously minding everything that makes the board vibrate (cobblestones, sidewalk pavements) and after an hour, the heat-shrink was loosely again outside the motor and the wheel was shorting again. I took pictures of the surface. I seriously can’t be the only one with this problem

I’ll have to contact @carl.1 again…

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I had this Problem too, pushed it back in and used a cable tie.

It works for now, lets see how long^^

I get that, but what’s so perfect about my right motor then? Could it be the vesc and coincidence? Geting kinda mad at the problem right now

I had the same problem with one motor in my Raptor Dual. Enertion sent me a replacement motor quickly, at no charge. But I’m impatient, so in the meantime I used JB Weld to separate and insulate the shorting phase wires. Seemed to work; I haven’t installed the replacement motor yet. I haven’t been skating a lot recently, though; not big mileage since my repair.

Anyway, yeah, you’re not the only one to have this trouble…