Raptor Motor Mount - Am I just being stupid?

Hi all,

I’m currently planning out my build and have ordered a pair of Caliber III 44 raked trucks and Flipsky 6354 motors.

I’m struggling to find good quality Caliber motor mounts. Does anyone have any suggestions? There doesn’t seem to be many UK based vendors, and most of the mounts on AliExpress, Ebay or Amazon are for circular profile trucks.

I figured it may be worth going the DIY route - I have access to a CNC machine and waterjet. I came across the open source Raptor 1 Caliber motor mount, but having assembled it in CAD, it looks like it mounts in the complete wrong direction?

Am I missing something?


check my motor mount

more photoes https://photos.app.goo.gl/tQaSHi1SmXuv6yE2A

These mounts only mount between the trucks, not outside them.

I think you need to direct the motor mount inside the board.Also you can change the angle of the plate by moving these parts relative to each other. But I don’t think that this is the best practice solution and no motor protection in it.