Starting this thread for anyone who is curious about how compatible there is. I have links with almost all the parts so you can check the specs there which would be appreciated.

DECK- Undecided at the moment. I know I want stiff deck with a tail. Thats about all here.

MOTORS- Carvon V2.5 Dual Hub Motors with front trucks and blank wheels included. http://www.carvonskates.com/store/p3/CarvON_V2.5_Dual_Hub_Motors___Front_Truck___Blank_Wheels_Set_(Black_Edition).html

BATTERY- Space Cell Pro 4 Electric Skateboard Battery http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/space-cell-pro4-electric-skateboard-battery/

CASE- Space Cell Pro Enclosure http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/space-cell-pro-enclosure/

SPEED CONTROLLER- VESC. Not really sure on this one. I don’t know if they have different models for these or which one would be best for my setup so far. Also don’t know what websites makes the best or most reliable and durable ones. Some suggestions would be nice.

REMOTE CONTROLLER- Logic3 Nunchuck. Gonna stick with this for now but I think ot would cool to make a bluetooth watch into an RC. Is that even possible?

Micellaneous- Im going to throw so LED’s on there but havent looked to much into that right now.

      If there are any components that I am missing let me know or if any of the electronics would not be compatible PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  I have not bought any of these parts yet but I am hoping someone with more experience and knowledge than I do will help me out. This is my first time attempting to build one so any feedback, suggestions, and advice would be much appreciated.  And by the way I am interested in top speed vs torque because I live in a pretty flat area, weigh only 160, and I can get to around 15mph by pumping.

if you´re going to get a space cell 4, it already comes with the enclosure, so you don´t need that extra :wink:

if you´re not the heaviest guy and don´t conquer massive hills, these carvon will be awesome for you.

get the Vesc from the vendor next to you, so if you´re in the US get one from @chaka or if you´re interested in the new VescX get it from Enertion (this one has not been tested yet). If you´re in EU get one from @elkick or @zmoney.

can´t tell you much about this remote, but i heard some people having trouble with a connection and switch to more reliable gt2b remote.

EDIT: @zmoney is located in the US too, but it´s worth checking

If you’re getting carvons, get the vesc from @LEVer as well, he could set it up for you, so it’ll just be plug and play. Less stuff to worry about. And like @TarzanHBK said, gt2b is more reliable or the mini remotes, but not the winning remote.

Here is a good source for decks:

I have the exact same setup, except i got the V2’s

I had to switch the nunchunk because of the cut outs. You could fix the cutouts with aluminium shielding tape but this shorted something on my vesc. RIP.

The setup is very nice and super stealth with FOC :smiley:

Ok so get a VESC from @LEVer or @chaka. So don’t get case. And gtb2 remote would be good. Sweet.

A couple more stupid questions.

Is there room in the Space Cell Pro4 enclosure for 2 VESC’s or does it just cover the battery?

Are there different types of VESC’s based on different voltage and what not? I saw this article and I am wondering if my motors would still work for the VESC that i could get from @LEVer? http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/choosing-the-right-motor-kv-for-the-vesc/3125

Also the battery says “This pack is for motors of 2400W or less”? My motors output 2250W each. That should be fine right? You don’t add the max watts from both the motors together right? Sorry I don’t know much about electricit.

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That’s awesome news!! Thanks for helping! So I guess that means you own Carvon? Pretty cool.

1 more question, sorry haha. Is it possible to somewhat gear the hub motors so that they will be more effective at higher speeds vs torque? I know you can do that with belts but can you do it with the BLDC tool that I have been reading about?

What is foc? :grin:

Holy shit I wish I found this site earlier :sweat_smile: