Rate my simple build out of 10





deck - i dont know yet? edit: deck

As you can see it should be fairly simple for my first diy, with hubs motor and good enclosure i plan on making it pretty waterproof aswell, ill order the parts in a few days

Appreciate any feedbacks or criticism!


Buying from Mboards is not the way to go. Massively overpaying for the hubs and the ESC.


cheapest esc similar to the mboards one was on ebay for only like 20$ less and i dont wanna take the chance with some sketchy seller, but i could use some deck recommandations that fit the enclosure

this is exactly what you’re getting with mboards.

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they cant be more sketchy than ebay tho

seems like you got a lot to learn.

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i dont see anything wrong with the build?

nothing really “wrong” with the build, it’s the seller.

For the money you’re spending you can buy a brand new Meepo v3 that blows away the board you are trying to build.


The ESC is OLD and sketchy AF and way to expensive. You can get a much much better Hobbywing ESC for less. For 40$ a pop you even get a VESC! https://diyelectricskateboard.com/collections/electric-skateboard-starter-collection/products/torque-esc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller


yes but i already have the massive 10sp4 380wh battery that i can use, the rest of the parts are gonna cost me 400$

edit: ill also look at a different ESC but i liked that the mboards one came with remote

you still would be better off using all the meepo parts except for the battery.

For 40$ the VESC is a no brainer. I’ve been using the exact for the last 1 3/4 years on my Mountainboard.I even paid 99$ back in the day for them EACH.

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if i bought a meepo i would still need new enclosure and flexy deck would snap my battery in half, also the handle cutout would be getting in the way of mounting the XL enclosure, heck is a 55cm long (22 inch) enclosure even able to fit under it?

I have bought trucks, motor mount, kegel pulley and wheels from MBoards. It took forever to receive the parcel. Around 2 months.

Mboards is not the way to go… might as well buy everything from alibaba. It would be just as cheap to buy decent used parts

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What kind of performance do you need from your board? Max speed and acceleration feel

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Mboards is one step up from DIYEboard

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I fail to see the appeal of hub motors, they aren’t repairable, you can’t change or upgrade anything, the quality is low, performance is bad.

You’d be far better off going with a single large motor like a 6380 in a single drive satellite configuration on the rear heelside wheel, like probably belt or chain.


im not a speed demon, i already have a pre built with dual 1200watts belts and while its a beast i hardly ever use the full power and besides on steep hills i cruise on medium/high mode, the reason i choose hub motors and pretty average ones is because i want to maximize the range and make a stealthy water resistant board, i know many people here dont like hubs but im satisfied with average top speed and acceleration and would rather focus on lighter weight and more range, besides i already have a powerful belt board which can fill the secondary role :smiley:

also i settled for this deck

Single drive boards are also super efficient.