Rate my simple build out of 10

bro i just dont want belts

Hubs suck. Have you ridden them before? Do you at least know what you’re in for?

I’d recommend a single drive over hubs

Also mBoards = bad. And for the record, ebay has never not delivered an order to me

ditto to what my other friends have already said

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Have you ever ridden them before? If so how many, how much?

Nothing at all wrong with hub motors for esk8! Things have changed rapidly in the field of hubs & for smaller cruisers, they are especially great!

Lately, I have been running this meepo mini, with a focbox unity mod, and the hubs are surprisingly powerful! It’s always in my car so its what gets used the most.

I can get up reasonable inclines without issues, I’m about 95kg, I am also frequently doubling my 4-year-old, so add on an additional 15kg.

Do they get hot? yeah, a little bit warm, but hasn’t been an issue at all. All motors will get warm anyway…

Has the urethane chipped? Yeah, it has a tiny little bit, but the material is holding up very well. Can be replaced.

No noise or Maintenance issues at all. Would recommend.

Also note, Meepo, for example, has sold over 50K of hub motor electric skateboards! The truth is there aren’t actually many people, owners of hub motor boards, who are complaining about their hub motors. I have visited the meepo factory and witnessed their QC process for motors, they reject around 15% of their motors, any slight wobble of noise gets rejected.

Generally speaking, I think folks who make broad sweeping, often negative, statements during product recommendations are probably affected by confirmation bias. They don’t use the XYZ tech, so it must not be so good.

@zzoko The reality is mate, only you know what is going to make you happy, these people commenting are only going to tell you what makes them happy. Everyone is different.

HOT TIP: Consider buying your parts direct from the more popular Chineses companies that make complete boards. They have a much higher turn over of components, they have a strong QC process and generally have great after-sales support.

These motors are good too:

Hubs are great for beginners. Once you get a board on pneumatics, the comfort level is unreal. If you like thane, the grip on tb110’s is incredible compared to how slippery the hubs get. Repairing hubs can be a pain in the ass and the hubs you can repair are pretty expensive.

I started with hubs and now they just sit in my garage gathering dust. The ride just doesn’t compare at all!!! If you dont want belts, gear drives are amazing!


I agree that riding hubs on concrete footpaths that have an expansion joint every 1 or 2meters can get annoying…

On those days I wish I had air in my wheels…

I’ve always said that I need three separate esk8’s to totally satisfy my requirements.

  1. Small & Lightweight “boot-board” Something that is always in the car.
  2. Larger, Fast, Big Battery Urethane board.
  3. All-terrain style board, Something with 8inch air tires.

Maybe a e-scooter & and e-bike too. (scooters are actually very practical instead of a boot board)

Yes, 92mm hubs with 8mm thick thane. Roads here suck for hubs, they are literally so uncomfortable. Even on a flexible deck, the ride quality just isn’t there. You compare this to even normal 90mm wheels or 110mm like the standard nowadays, and hubs just don’t cut it. Maybe I’m pampered but I can’t really comfortably ride my hub board on the roads around here for more than like 5 miles.

Compared to 110mm or 100mm wheels, they are awful. Compared to pnummies, well you can’t really because they’re different worlds

I fully would rather have direct drive than hubs. Elofty, Eovan, Revel Kit, etc.

pretty much every place to ride here that isn’t a gravel full bike lane. There are some great riding spots that would be okay for hubs, but the transitions back to sidewalk are brutal.

Same here lol. The Revel kit fills need 1, my hummie build 2, and my haero bro build will fill 3 soon

i have a dual belt board and a shortboard with a single hub motor and i can say the shortboard had 0 maintainance in 2 years while the belts ive had to change and adjust a lot of parts and i only owned it for like 6 months, yeah might not be as comfortable but 0 maintainance and more durable is a no brainer for me

bro them mboards mf take 3 days to pack an enclosure :joy: