Rayne Darkside Custom Enclosure 34" |12S3P A123 18650 | Unity | Maytech 6355 190lkv Sealed | Unik Core Mounts w/15mm Belts | DieBieMS | FeatherRemote | 85mm Caguama

I’m slowly getting started with my first build having prepped as best I could digitally first. The PBT basesheet has been stripped and I’m printing the router jigs for the battery area this week.

  • Rayne Darkside 34", Hand Routed with 3D Printed Jig. Deck will get 2mm of fiberglass on top, ad a singler layer 6oz S-Glass on the bottom.
  • Custom Enclosure - 3D Printed with fiberglass reinforcement. Enclosure will be structural.
  • 12S3P A123 18650 LiFePo
  • Unik Core Bearing Integrated Pulleys and Motor Mounts 15mm Width Belts
  • FocBox Unity @thisguyhere
  • DieBieMS
  • FeatherRemote @StefanMe
  • Maytech 6355 Sealed Motors 190kv
  • 85mm Blue Caguama’s with rounded edges

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Looking good nice deck too… Waiting to see what comes out… Happy DIYing :grin:

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Love that deck. Watching this one


Lovely deck and your design is great

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Awesome 3D modeling ! Love your style :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1: Following !!

Looks like a good plan!! Got any ideas what the shape of your enclosure will be?

I almost did my first build on this deck, looking forward só see it done


How did you remove the graphics?

Hey thanks, this one turned out good enough that I wanted to actually build it.

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The shape? Its in the photos above. Here’s the enclosure itself. cover

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That will teach me to look and respond while I’m on my phone!

Looks good though, I’ll be watching!

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Heat gun and a chisel. It was a fleece bonded PBT topsheet like on snowboards and skis

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@walleywalker how did you model it? 3D scan or you did it by hand? awesome result

Cheers, I like how it turned out as well. I had the board scanned by a local digital fabricator (shout out to Eric @ Lunarburn Studios https://www.ericwstephenson.com/), then I took the mesh body into solid works, leveled it, and started the long process of rebuilding it. There are some 60 splines criss-crossing it, done in half model and mirrored over.

The cloud mesh is on the right, the parametric version is on the left. 2018-11-01%2012_28_22-


Good approach, use the mesh to base a solid model instead of the using the thickened and solidified mesh as a body

I’ve found the convert Mesh to Body type tools have never been up to snuff. Plus they lock you in at your base geometry which makes root level geometry changes much tougher if you need to make them down the tree.


For me it worked fine, but my deck had a less complex geometry, the main issue with using the mesh directly is that often the coordinate system is not aligned with the mesh, so you have to figure out the new plane to base all of your new features

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I would love to see you and @Sender in a deck sand-off competition

Looking great






You’re one step ahead of me on the tayto with a tail build. 20190121_194659