Razorx Cruiser Electric Skateboard - Guts

I took apart a RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard looking to see if it was possible to mod. I actually like riding the board, but wasn’t nearly fast enough and didn’t have enough range.

You can pick these up for under $100 if you watch prices, so it does offer the opportunity for a decent cheap board if someone was creative with mods.

I did some very rough pricing of what I thought would need replacing, and ultimately decided I think it is cheaper to scrap everything except the board. But someone might have thoughts, and I also thought someone might be interested in seeing the guts.

Pics to follow.

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You would have to scrap all the electronics and drive train. New wheels with a belt drive and all new electronics. VESc, 6355, battery would all be needed. You might be able to do a 10s battery and use the original bms on a bypass depending on its voltage.

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Thanks @Trdolan03 … I agree. I bought a kit off of diyeboard.com that has everything except deck, basically. Feels kinda like cheating, though. I wanted to mod this thing. I think you could set up a single-pulley system, then could get away with:

  • receiver
  • motor / pulley / brackets
  • esc
  • battery

but just a cursory budget of the above would be more expensive than the kit I bought, and it has 2 motors, etc.

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Hey! I had wondered the same, if anyone smarter than me had figured out to improve the RazorX. I did not manage to deconstruct it like you did but i arrived at the same conclusion of needin to scrap everything.

I am curious, which kit did you buy and how has it turned out installing it?

Hi @Met. Actually thinking about the RazorX more, I think it might be possible to replace the battery (Range), or even just carry an extra and swap. With one screw, the battery is swappable. I couldn’t find replacement battery packs, but I’m sure with more research you could.

With regard to speed … I think it would be possible to 3d print new versions of the middle two gears and replace them. You would certainly lose power, but possibly gain top speed. I would sort of be ok with that … don’t mind giving the razor a push start with my foot and helping on hills.

And, to answer your question … I got this kit (actually ordered 3 of them, one for my son and one for a neighbor).

10S5P 360WH Battery&ESC&Power Truck Kit Dual 90*52mm Hub Motors

I debated for a long time over Hub vs. Belt. I may regret going Hub, but I think it should be fine for my purposes. I don’t have much in the way of hills, and I wanted a quiet ride and like the ability to push without power. The kit hasn’t arrived yet, so can’t speak to how it performs. Lots of YouTube vids with positive experience.

I’m new to the DIYeBoard scene so was hoping for something a little easier to do than 3D print new gears. :slight_smile:

The kit looks great. I’m a little hesitant to build my own because I want to develop my skills riding an eBoard and I would be constantly worried if I built the board myself as I try to push the board’s and my own limits. I’ll go for a better ready built one and return to building my own if I have a better idea of what I want from my board.

Please keep me updated on the build once you have done it. Would be interesting to see how successful you are converting the RazorX into something decent!

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Hey my uncle said his friend has a couple of these I can just have for free, neither works but from what I can tell online they tended to crap out after a week or so due to bad batteries. You reckon I could just hook up a 22v lipo without issue or would I need a balance charger/BMS as well?

Sorry for the late reply. I think these are garbage and I would just trash them. Really no simple way to mod or even to hook up new electronics. I wouldn’t waste time.

Yeah came to the same conclusion, even if the motor wasn’t seized up it’s weak as. The decks are cool though, gonna use one for a build and sending the other to a mate in the states with some trucks and wheels I got lying around. The back trucks are cool, pretty easy to mount a belt motor on with some spacers. The front trucks also look like I’ll be able to mod them for hub motors with very little effort. I’ll report back on that once my motors show up.

Does anyone know if I could get gears and wheel mounts that would suit the wheels of the Razorx? I really enjoy riding the board but it’s just too slow.

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the wheels on this board are awful the deck is ok and the battery and motor are awful what are you trying to find

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All good mate I came to the same conclusion and built a custom esk8 from scratch :slight_smile:


Replace motor by sk3 , replace the esc for an alliexpress esc and put two batterys pack in parallel its should already be better

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Thanks king! When you say sk3 motor is that a brand? I havent found the size of the motor in the razor anywhere so I don’t know where to look to buy a replacement.


Sk3=Turnigy brand from Hobbyking.