Razorx Cruiser Electric Skateboard - Guts

Can you post some detailed photos with the pcb?

Immage 22&23 What are these parts called the big one and the one behind that. As need them replacing if you can help point me in the right direction.

Hi, I would like to purchase the gears this item is it still available?

Hi. I just brought a razor X Longboard. I’m thinking of getting a new motor that is a 40to60 volt and putting it straight in. Then I’ll make a 42 to 52 volt battery or just add another razor lg 21 volt battery. At least it will be kept original. The only other thing I think needs to be changed is the conpacitor to handle the voltage change to the mother board. Then I’ll have a razor X long board which will only look like it has a bigger battery and it will go alot faster too… Hopefully at least 30kmh instead of 16 kmh. What do you think about all this as I’m not a electrician but I did a bit of study and this should work fine. I only thing I don’t understand is the conpacitor part… I do know to add the exact same battery. I’ll have to make sure I wire it up so it gives more volts and not range. Never done it before so I hope it all works???!!!