RC Arming Switch question

So I don’t really have a solder gun nor do I have any soldering skills. This is pretty inexpensive, would it work for an ESK8?


If you system uses deans connectors, which it probably does not. You will either need to get some one to de-solder the deans plugs and solder 5.5mm/xt60 connectors in its place or find adapters. If you have a radio or tv repair place close, they would probably do it for you for very little money.

To the very untrained eye they looked like xt-60s lol. Thanks for the info

it should say on the connector itself, post a pic and Im sure someone here will know. No worries.

@Michael319 yes it would work. I’d suggest getting one with a resistor so that you can also avoid spark when you plug in. I’ve used something similar it performs well and is inexpensive. Details in the threads below.

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