RC Car electric longboard

Hello! I’ve been longboarding for about a year, and I recently discovered electric longboarding, and I’d quite like one. The problem is, that I don’t want to spend $1000 on one. I’d like to try building one myself, but I don’t have the electric engineering skills. I guess that I could try to build one with a lot of work, but the thing is, again, that it is about $500 to make a good one, and I don’t want to spend that.

So my question is: is it possible to take an affordable RC car, take the components out of it, attach it to my longboard, and add a more powerful engine and a bigger battery? As I said, I don’t know much about electronics, so I’m thinking that it may overload all the other components, and fry the electronics. I’m thinking that this would be a way cheaper build, as I don’t want to spend much more than $300 on it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

well, the 2 components you will actually use out of a rc car are the esc (if right) and the rc transmitter/receiver. the esc would have to be able to support the amps and voltage your motor requires, but you wouldn’t be saving too much. also if you really need their are ways to spend much less then $500 (USD i assume)

Also you could probably pic up a good second hand one off here as well. But I wouldn’t recommend using an RC car as 90% of the bits won’t work best buying separate. My esc cost £35 motor £45 batteries £45 controller £25 which is all plug and play from Rc stuff but brought separate. After that all you need is the long board which you may already have and the the motor mount and pully system which again might be about £80 ish.

you could event build your own motor mount and get the pulleys and belts etc from local industrial shops

I got my belt and pully of Ebay was like £2 for the belt and like £9 for the pully and then 3D printed the larger wheel one.

Well, that’s a quite alright price I think, but is it easy to make? And if the motor is from an RC car, can it go any faster than 5mph? :stuck_out_tongue: I guess all the nonelectrical parts wouldn’t be too big of a problem for me, but I don’t know anything about the electrical stuff. Can you maybe send some links for the electrical components if you bought it from the internet? :slight_smile:

the electrical components are the easy bit, its basically plugging in connectors and maybe soldering some wires. Theirs a website called Hobbyking, great for rc components

Yea it’s not badly prices and the motor if from a Rc plane. Mine was a Neo 6364 245kv and is ok on 6s car esc with minimum of 80a which in using a goolrc one moist was of Ebay so have a search see what you can find near to where you live and then post links before you but for someone to double check. A controller to go for is either a mini 2.4ghz or a gt2b.

It’s not quite that simple. Generally the cheaper the more skills you will need to make it work. you will also waste money on cheap ($100 VESC) parts that break easy.

Read a lot more until you figure out how these things work.

Check this, it might help you:

Thanks everyone! I’ll have a look.