Re-designed Aliexpress Skateboard Suspension Truck Plates

I came across these trucks from Aliexpress Electric skateboard Dynamic Shock Absorption kit|shock kid|shock lasershock collar training dogs - AliExpress

They look much better than the Avenue suspension because they likely have much less torsional flex, which interferes with your steering. Unfortunately, they haven’t been available for at least a few years. So, to get some, I CADded a new design of them:

This design improves on the last one by adding bearings for the hinge, and also an option for drop-through mounting trucks to the plate to mitigate some of the height increase. I only designed them today and haven’t placed any orders or made anything official. I’m sharing it here to see interest and if anyone is absolutely dying to get some of these trucks.


The area circled in green here has me concerned. A threaded bolt there will just chew on anything that its in contact with thats moving. Maybe use a shouldered bolt there? Lets add in a lock washer and a nylock nut for good measure. deck

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You could also move the bolts back out of the holes and use a hard-stop plate that overhangs the plate

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Now we’re talking.

Was just looking at the design and trying to imagine where the wear surfaces would be and what would break first.

Lets do larger bolts. Why go M4 when you can go M6 or even M8? Whats the cost difference?

M4 for the hard stop bolts? Those should definitely be changed, I resized the holes to fit m5, but I’d use M6 bolts for the overhang version. All of the axle brackets screw in with M6, and the axle is M8. All the plates are 3/8" laser cut aluminum