Re-soldering replacement bms (e-bike battery)

Hi fellas

I know this is not an esk8 question…just after some general electronics advice on replacing a bms on an e-bike battery.

I have not previously soldered a live battery pack before hence the question.

Basically I want to desolder the existing bms unit and re-solder on the new replacement.

I will take care by covering desoldered wires in electrical tape to prevent shorting them out. Is there a particular order I should use when I desolder/ re-solder the wiring?

Pic of bms…

only this board of the 3 which needs soldering…

Unplug the balance connector and then desolder the main leads. When you solder the new one, Solder the Main leads and then plug in the balance

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Exactly this and make sure the balance leads go back the right way around

Thanks fellas very much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: