Re syncing the mini

wtf? im so confused. where’d u buy this from and where’d u get the esc’s from.

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Flipsky 6.6. Run on bench no prob. The transmitters forget where from but they worked before

Maybe not set to ppm. That’s all I can think of.

Ok I’m done w my questions thanks for ur help. I’ll figure it


Hmmm weird it’s usually the same ppm connector on the vesc and the receiver, that’s the norm at least

@hummie have you open the remote up to make sure the wires are good and connected? My first mini hit the ground in my home from a very short heigth, but it was enough to jar a connection loose on the trigger pot.

Try channel 2 for the throttle

The pins on the edge of the receiver are Ground, make sure they are in the correct order on the ESC

To bind multiple receivers, power on the receivers with bind plugs in them, then press Bind on the transmitter and hold it while turning on the transmitter. Then turn everything off and remove the bind plugs.

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