Re- termination of CARVON Dual V2's


I’m the happy owner of some Dual carvon V2’s but I would like to try to reterminate them to WYE from Delta to get the V2.5’s. I believe this has been done before? But I am not able to find a thread that has some further information.;; Anyone has some idea’s or a link? I’m stuck at the part how to remove the stator so I can resolder the wires. Without the stator being removed there is too little space

Thanks !

@XIII Have you tried reaching out to Jerry?

I don’t know if this is possible but the way you say it sounds not so complicated. I thought that in order to change KV one must completely disassemble and rewind the motor with a different copper wire. I would also like to convert my V2 to V2.5, so please share your findings! Thanks!

Here you go

you’ll end up with something around 116kv…closer to v3…

I have a broken sk3 149kv that I was thinking of doing this to, but its a pain to get the stator out. a bit easier with the hub since its already been done. but still…

you’d probably be better off selling the v2 to speed demons and get some v3s…

Nope 85kv approx

yes , I checked with my professor how to correctly go from delta to wye. And it’s not that hard. The hard part is getting the stator of the axle. If I manage to do it, I will post some instructions.

Torque should increase with sqrt(3) = 1.7… Topspeed will decrease with the same.

It should be the same Kv as the V2.5 since that’s the adaptation Jerry did.

I got in contact with Jerry and he was very helpfull on helping me to remove the rotor. Now I’m stuck on the stator part, but do not want to disturb him too much since he is busy with the kickstarter campagne

a lot of motors have the windings glued down w a thin glue and really hard to figure what’s going on. Not that I’ve done it, but in theory if the motor’s windings come all the way out of the motor and don’t have soldered on phase wires, you could go through the individual thinner insulated windings one by one with a little battery and led or multimeter and find the starts and ends. Then u wouldn’t have to take things much apart.

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that would work aswell ! This would be less destructive , gonna try this first ! I will be doing this in the following 2 weeks :wink:

My only concern is:

by going from delta to wye, you will be pulling sqrt(3) more amps through your coils for the same power output. Since your voltage over a coil will drop by sqrt(3).

Is this of concern for the windings ? Is there a reason no one does this because of the wire dimensions being to small

A lot of confusing info and wording on the web… I think changing to wye you reduce the current needed to produce the same Torque but the wires are smaller and with greater resistance but it generally balances out as far as heat produced and power generated

I wish you best of luck. No need to hurry. Maybe it’s better to wait a little bit and ask Jerry in case of some obstacles. We have to be very careful with our precious CarvONs, they are no longer being sold.

[quote=“XIII, post:9, topic:19640”]Is there a reason no one does this because of the wire dimensions being to small [/quote] actually i did ecaxt this on a sk3 149kv single hub, and i felt like it was an improvement. and the v2.5 from what i know are the same 149kv(delta) windings just already wound to 85kv(wye) but already factorymade, but same small wire.

if you didn’t get your stator off axle already, you should try to remove the big bearing trough wich the phase wires come out. could be a screw under it. or just send me some pics

Well, I have come to a conclusion.

I would be a fun but risky operation. But I don’t know if I would want to give up my top speed for the extra torque. Yesterday I tried a boosted board V2 for the first time. And they are so noisy and slow …

The carvon V2’s in FOC have almost equal torque as the BB V2 I feel. But go way faster :slight_smile: not so sure if I want to go through with this.

Same day I met an Evolve bamboo GT rider aswell. But didn’t dare to try out his board. I have 0 trust in the controller

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nice comparison, you have 1 wheel drive?

I have the carvon V2 dual and a friend has the BB V2 dual.

Also have a single belt drive. But don’t like it that much after I drove duals :smiley: Once you go dual. You never go back

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My first build was a single 6374. My plan was to save battery by using one motor. I loved it, but very true. Now that I have dual drives I’m wondering what to do with that first build, might need to sell it

What makes the 6374 inferior?

I am building a dual motor board as well but had plans for a smaller single motor board.

Add a second motor in dual Diagonal.

Hard to explain, but you just feel better planted to the ground when you accelerate and turn. I’m thinking if you have hills the dual 6355s would still be better than a single 6374, my build is a great board and when I stand there and think, which board to I take today (I known…1st world problem right?) I would choose the duals. It’s only use now would be if a friend with no board came over and wanted to ride a long distance, the Boosted gets left behind with it’s sad range.

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For me it is : (dual) *Better acceleration *better braking *sharp corners, don’t need to worry about wheel coming off the ground *throttle doesn’t need to be pushed that far in *no belt slippage, even under heavy acceleration *no hill is too steep

(dual hubs) *sooooo god damn smooth

(dual hubs with FOC)

  • biker: “how the f*ck is he passing me?!?”

(dual hubs with FOC, Carvon V2)

  • Car on road going 50km/h : “how the f*ck is he passing me ?!?”


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