Re-Volve GT: 10s4p samsung 30q, dual 6365 200kv, maytech super esc, hyper ion mounts, marcmt88 pulleys, hummies deck with psycho's arch and evolve supercarve trucks

So last summer i bought myself a bamboo gt and it didnt take long for me to find this forum afterwards and get me thinkin of that diy route. Built a 12s single drive and was getting similar range and better performance with a 2p battery and a single 6374. When the evolve remote had an issue i quickly parted it out here to fund its replacement. Learned to make battery pack via cell-level fusing and began putting together this upgraded gt :sunglasses:


First pic is from another member, i forgot to take pics while i was building the pack lol




Are those the evolve at wheels?

@trigger4point7, yes they are evolve at wheels

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How are the evolve trucks? Good at speed?

Looks like your dropped them through; fitment good?

Great build bro.

Love those mounts

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Black ones are on the way.

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I used a paint pen for temporary aesthetics :rofl: doesnt hold up well to the rigors of esk8ā€¦ Lookin forward to those fresh black ones :sunglasses:

2 day bro.

My GT upgrade battery image


@thiswasandy, the trucks are the best component from evolve :rofl: they can be good at speed if you take the time to get proper bushings and pivot cups :wink:

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Sounds good.

My board is gonna end up looking a lot like yours At this rate, lol.

Can you buy evolve trucks off their site?

Im pretty sure you can as they are listed, I kept my trucks from a bamboo gt i parted out a few months ago


Are you selling them ?

Get them at Last Mile SF in San Francisco. I got mines there.

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Update, have gone full gut out, with focbox, metr Pro and push to start smart switch. I have a more recent picture with the smart switch, Hoyt puck remote. This one has a vedder switch and firefly remote.




image image


What mount and motors did you use? i want to make a build with supercarve trucks, so Iā€™m looking for whatever info I can find.