Reactive LED Underglow Brakelights!

Wow I wasn’t aware gt2b let’s you do that! learn something new every day… Which mini remote are you referring to?

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The “classic” generic chinese one. Edit:


if you wanted the light effects linked to wheel speeds or breaking power applied then the arduino library will allow this data to be read out of the spare uart on the FOCBOX.

Might be worth searching the forum cause i remember someone did a similar thing before and posted the instructions to build your own

EDIT: check this out




This is good stuff. I like my synchronized lights, but a brake light would be very nice to have.

I’m not sure about how much current the Unity can supply on that pin though. A SBEC might be the way to go.

Something like this

might be better to drive the LED’s and arduino with.

Even better would be to have an independent receiver paired to the remote so it’s not connected to the unity at all. Either that or an opto-isolated splitter.


Yeah I thought of that so I lowered the brightness to 40 (out of 255) so it pulls less (mili)amps.


I am working on one slowly, I’m just doing what a bunch of diy electric bikers do and use an accelerometer and Arduino, so it isn’t connected to the vesc.

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Would you be able to give a quick drawing on how this is done? Im very new to electronics and have no clue what buck converter to get and where to connect it to… the sote said it draws piwer from the balance leads but im using a li ion battery