*READING IS KEY* Complete beginner - 60kg rider build guide

Hi there!

I have been on a few forums over the years and I just wanted to start off by saying that I am fully aware that I will certainly be making some mistakes on here!

I have been pondering over the idea of building an electric skateboard for a few months now - mainly just watching countless videos online. I am around 60kg in weight and want to build a board which i can hit 30mph on, If someone could point me in the right direction regarding parts, building etc i would be really grateful.

My apologies for my ignorance in advance,


since you’re basically jockey weight like me, i would suggest slightly higher KV motors, or higher tooth count on the motor pulley if you don’t want to spend the extra cash on higher voltages like 10S or 12S. You can hit that target on 6S or 8S pretty easily with high KV motors and the right pulley ratios on standard 83mm wheels. You’ll need to make sure you get the higher C rated lipo packs though and make sure your ESC can handle all of those amps.

I’m 150 pounds. My rat board has a set of NTM Prop drive 270KV 5060s on it with a 15/36 ratio and 83mm wheels. I have a 10C pack in it at the moment which limits it to about 25mph, but i had 45c pack in it and when i did that little 6S would do every bit of 29mph with me on it sustained. Scary! Of course i burned out no less than 2 dual ESCs and one of my twin single ESCs while on that pack, but they were only 120 amp ESCs. Get a 150 and you probably wouldn’t have that issue.

I really appreciate your response, but to be honest i lost you on the ‘6S’ part. Could you explain the relationship between the different variables you’ve mentioned and how the effect the speed?

Hi, here’s the mighty calculator:

play with the variables, basically if you want to go cheap then put 6 (for 6S) on battery, maybe 8S, above that, ESC will be more expensive, but then you need an higher KV motor like @longhairedboy was saying, but the best ESC is the VESC if you don’t mind fiddling around a bit with it and configuring it, otherwise get a normal ESC.

If you can afford a powerful ESC that supports it then you want to max the battery voltage to a 10 or 12S to maximize motor efficency. The rest depends on your gear ratio, a 15(motor)/36(wheel) ratio is common, motor KV and wheel size. So with a higher KV motor you will have higher max speed but lower torque, play with the values, see what you can find (motors/gears/wheels) , aim for the 30mph max speed you desire, and after you’re done maybe post the list of items you found so someone can double check them for you.


There’s that darn calculator again…


@NewTeenRider If you really have no prior knowledge of electronics or mechanics you’ll be OK. Just break up the problem into parts and research each part. Don’t forget about searching these topics on Youtube. You may not always get the perfect information right away, but you’ll get to see real people building and enjoying ESK8s. Enertion just released a video that might be helpful without being too much too fast…

What motor mount did you use with the ntm prop drive 270kv 5060s?

that’s the original gen 1 Enertion mount. I got it with his 6S kit at the end of 2014.

I can’t seem to find that specific part on ebay or on enertion’s website. Do you know of any alternatives?

just about any motor mount will work, you don’t have to use that particular one. TorqueBoards has awesome mounts, i’ve been using them for a little while now and there are other ones.

ok thanks for the recommendation

Hi im about 60-65kg and currently i am using a motor setup with the exact same specs as this kit i found on ebay https://goo.gl/eKkB5a

With this setup i have more power than i could possibly need, i tested it up to 40km/h, but thats where my skills end. i have yet to find a hill that i it couldn’t climb.

In the start i used plastic boxes for my electronics, but i found that these get broken really easily. i am now using DIY glass fiber boxes, and these work great. (might seem complicated at first, but its actually really easy).

For batteries i would recommend lipos for the ultimate performance, in most cases these are the bottleneck.

If you have any further questions about anything i am happy to help.