Ready to go 12s, please check my battery diagram

theres some on nkon

is there an advantage of tinned copper instead of only copper braid?

Easier to solder which means less chance of cells getting more hot

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Fish paper is over. Already asked. I buy the cells from there. :weary:

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I regretted using 10 awg on my battery I wish I’d used 2x 14 awg instead - 10 is really stiff and I suck at soldering it!

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Well I have access to a really big soldering iron. For industrial application. Basicay in less than 2 sec you can solder 12 awg at the first contact. I guess 10 awg would be feasible too. It is like 360watt.

I was wondering do you use any foam in between the cells in series. I know they are connected but maybe to preserve the nickel strips. if yes how do you place it? Since the copper braid is in the way.

I set the iron at 850 degrees F (454 C) and it works fine. I use 700 F (371 C) for regular stuff.

I do put fishpaper there but not foam – but I’m not a battery building expert though, try @Eboosted @Acido @chaka @Namasaki

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i never really considered braided wire, i just ordered 2 meters to test how it will work

Where did you find them? :grin: I actually used a braided wire for my first battery but I made it by braiding 4 copper wire together. Never again :laughing:


I could only find 300m spools here in croatia and super thick ones for grounding houses idk what like 5cm wide and 5mm thick I found this one. A bit expensive but EU.

Yea, but you wont need much of it anyways

Well I guess 2 meter would be enough. Still 20GBP

You should be able to find it locally in the uk for sure i order all the weird stuff i need from UK

I am in Belgium. Here I only find water locally :laughing:


I guess we are in the same situation then, but we are selling our waters to foreigners because of shitty government :smiley:


This one has better price and more choice and

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this is probably way higher in quality

I bought it from the first one. 14 euro 3 meters not bad compare to the other prices.

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