Ready to order--- Help check for combatability

Hey there

I have put together a list of parts for my new board and need some help checking over it. For some reference, I am 170 pounds, I live in a relatively flat area but there are some hills. I don’t need it to go super fast. I am on a tight budget and any suggestions to lower prices are greatly appreciated. I don’t know too much about electronics so I could use some advice there.








If there are any things you would swap out, could you please provide a link to that product.

If there is anything I don’t need, I am over budget and need to cut down a bit.

The one part I am stuck up on is the deck. I want to build my own, but I am worried that I might do a bad job and the deck will break destroying all the components. If you could give some advice on how to make one or what decks are good to buy. If I buy a deck I need it to be slighly compact to be able to fit in my locker.

Thanks for your help!

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you can find things a lot cheaper if you don’t by everything from diy, ex motor mount, pulley kit, remote etc

hey, isn’t 6s a bit low for the sk3?

how much do you think I need?

i suggest you to read this really good topic on battery and kv rating: Long story short for a 240 kv i think 8s should be the sweetspot. but don’t take my word for it, do a little bit of researc and read carefully that thread :wink:

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The VESC is designed for higher voltage. Most people use 10S with a motor around 190kV. I’d look for 2x 5S 5000mAh lipos since you’d get a little more range as well. Since you’re going single motor I’d recommend getting a big one so it doesn’t get too hot. One of these would be good.

Use this calculator to see which one is best for the top speed you’re after. Also, that 1" riser is massive, you probably won’t need one that big… I’d look for a 1/4" rubber riser so it absorbs some vibration.

BTW if you’re not in the US, diy gives you free worldwide shipping over 300 bucks so it might make sense to get the wheel pulley, motor pulley and belt from them as well to save on shipping.



this helped a lot. I will go with the batteries you suggested and the 192kv motor

Thaks for responding

do you know anywhere else I could get those things?

4mm series connector for the battery could be swap with

Don’t get the DIY motor mount. If anything get it from Enertion. MAYBE a little expensive but it’s worth. Trust me I bought one and it wasn’t their best design. Remote controller could be swap. Look it up on hobby king. It’s bulkier but if you want to reduce the price. You said speed wasn’t your priority like me so I’d say go for 190 kv since lower kV helps you overcome hills and stuff. You said you don’t want to go that fast so what’s the speed that you want? Because you could just get esc instead of vesc since you’re using 6s battery. Unless you want to upgrade it to 9s or 10s. I’m new here too I’ll gladly help you figure it out but you need to be a little more specific on what you want for your longboard before deciding what to buy. Just a heads-up, wiring is a little more complicate than you think. I got most of my stuff from this guy. He explains it really well. Dumming it down for newbie. This channel also good at explaining their stuff so.

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