Real Dirt, Trampa, Idea build, vesc 6.0

Just picked up the board for a cool 200…Used but never used…So stoked

Didn’t really get a good look at this last night but I’m realizing these are Vertigo Trucks!!! Boom!!! The board, bindings, wheels, and rubber were effectively free!!! Bwahahahahah!!!

Well as for plans of build Motors - 2x 6374 Mount- Stainless and printed Idea Special, Battery- just got myself a spot welder I will repair and then zap me together some cells. Esc- lucky enough to be a beta tester for 2x 6.0 VESC. Oh man oh man so stoked!!!


U in line for vesc 6?

Deck looks.custom choosen :slight_smile: also nice wheel color.

Do.u still ride your enertion at tires or u sold that board? /i hope i.dont have mistaken u with someone else :slight_smile: /

Took that board apart. The Enertion all terrain wheels and tires are for sale still. Good things are coming :grin: I think this is an older model of Trampa …Red base plate. Have two 6374’s on the way to power this and a spot welder to build pack

How much you asking for the enertion all terrain wheels. Any chance of posting a pic of them aswell bud. Cheers bud

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Here they be…I´m in Spain

Open to negotiate price.

like christmas morning today…getting excited


If you can afford a trampa deck you will not go back, i really like the flex of the board :slight_smile:

Real Dirt is the off road machine for now, planning on an urban Carver as well in future.

How much are you selling tubes and tires for?

They sold a while ago

Yeah sorry I read that and forgot to delete comment