Real hills and rough roads

Ok so the road to work is really rough asphalt so I was thinking big soft wheels would help but I still need to be able to climb hills like 15% I weigh 75kg Can you guys suggest a motor gear ratio wheel setup that will work for me?

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What size wheels? What’s your motor? Most builds use 13-16T motor pulleys with 36T wheel pulleys

I don’t have any plans or parts yet

6374’s are pretty beefy so you can climb 15% hills even with larger wheels and lower reduction. I run dual 5065’s and I can climb any hill around me with 16/36T reduction.

Lower reduction like mine gives you more speed. Higher reduction gives you more torque.


at only 75kg/165lbs - you can probably get away w/ a single 63mm motor. I’d go for one between 149-245kv. I usually use the 190kv, but have also seen some new ones around 170kv which seem like a good option.

I usually gear my boards for a top speed of about 22-25mph (plenty fast IMO). So if i started w/ a 83mm wheel (abec or clone), 192kv motor, 10s battery, 14/36 - looks to be about 24mph.

On a single setup i would get a minimum of 12mm wide belts = more contact area and less likely to skip under hard braking or acceleration. or 15mm if you can find them (gears and belts).

If that doesn’t give you enough power - you can add another motor dual diagonal later to get up the steeper hills.

Rough roads i might also suggest bigger wheels to help tame the bumps/cracks. I love 97’s for rough roads! Identical setup above, i’d drop down to 13t on motor gear for 26mph top speed. I would not go lower than 13t even on 12mm wide belts - on 9mm i know 12t skips no matter how tight you keep the belt - just not enough contact area/gears in mesh and skipped easily.

big wheels - you’ll need a board with cutouts like Vanguard or similar to clear them w/o monster risers (don’t recommend).



Why don’t you recommend risers? I would have thought that was a win win for ground clearance

higher chance for speed wobble. I personally use 3/4" risers and am just fine, but I haven’t pushed my board to the limits yet so I can’t speak for speed wobbles.

Best to go with Abec11 brand flywheels. They come as soft as 74a durometer. The clones are good wheels but there harder, even when you compare them with Abec’s of the same duro, the clones are harder. Abec’s come in 83mm, 90mm, 97mm and 107mm I’m running abec 90mm 74a. The softer wheels help a lot to reduce road vibration as well


i like risers - but only as much as you need to clear. less is better. So i don’t run crazy big wheels on regular decks since you need monster risers. On a deck like vanguard or GBomb - you can run almost any size without any risers.

Lower is better usually, and wheelbite SUCKS!

I like tight trucks and kick tails but other than that I’m open to suggestions

There are many blocks in town with 18% to 21% grades so I think I should get dual drive

I’m thinking about 10S8P battery block with a 80A bms is that enough power for dual drive or should I get a 100A bms ?

@smurf I’m in seattle too! If you want a hand let me know and i can come over some time to help assemble or tinker.

What hills are you commuting on? I should be at Alki on Friday (6-9p) after work playing beach VB. If you want to come check out one of my boards i’ll bring it.

10s8p is going to be ridiculously heavy/bulky. IMO. I know @Chaka has something like this with 600-700Wh, but for most this seems like overkill - both on range and weight.

Simplicity i think is a better goal - skip BMS to start (you can always add it later), and go with Lipo packs that are known to work well. Again - if later you want an 18650 pack - you can build/buy one and swap.

On any battery - i try to ensure that it can provide 100A continuous (so a 5000mAh would need at least 20c constant capability). Realistically on some of the 20a 18650 cells - you might only need 3 or 4p for 60/80a. Realizing that i take the sales/marketing claims of lipos with a serious pinch of salt (don’t believe them - LIARS!). I’ve run watt meters inline (nothing fancy) and measured around 40-50a peak on a dual 5065 200kv setup. With me on it (not a light guy). My experience is with VESCs pretty much exclusively, and other ESC’s might peak higher.

Shoot me a PM if you want to meetup sometime!


I’ve been running ABEC 11 90mm’s for awhile around NYC. The roads here are crap, but I’m able to go over rocks and crumbling streets without issue. I think ABEC11 is only making their 90mm wheels in 78a. Still works just fine. Big enough to go over expansion joints, but small enough that I don’t need to cut my wheel wells larger.

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The plan

Get a deck made by Longhair Boy Dual motors 90mm wheels VESCs 10S8P 80A 18650s LG mj1 3500mah 80A BMS 42V 5A charger Headlights & taillights USB out Battery meter Maybe a horn depending on remote

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That’s a lot of watt hours… It’ll be a tank! The kilowatt monster.

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80 cells seems like overkill but if you don’t want to charge for a week sounds perfect. I plan on using maybe 48 cells and predict 20+ mile range.

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If I wanted a small battery I would just get a raptor and call it a day

8.2 lbs in batteries alone :joy:

Is 80 amp’s enough or should I use a different battery and get a 100A BMS?

You generally want to stay away from the max continuous discharge of the cell to avoid heat issues and voltage sag. This is why most people use 20A discharge cells vs your 10A. You can probably get away with your cells, but I’m not sure how much heat you’ll be building up after long riding sessions.

You really shouldn’t be pulling 80A continuous anyway so I think you’ll be okay. 60-80A bms should be sufficient.