Real Size of SK8 Motors

The turnigy SK8 motors I have heard are not the size they say, are they bigger or smaller, do the 6374 work dual mounted side by side on 218mm trucks or do I need to use 6364 to work with that way. Is there other motors in that price rage or cheaper that you would recommend over these, maybe even better, consider that this will be an AT build.

APS 6384? I’m fairly sure you could fit those as dual.

Dual Torqueboard 6374, or dual APS 6384 fit torqueboards 218 trucks with torqueboards motor mounts and 20mm metroboard pulleys on 107suoerfly and 83mm flywheels.

I can’t comment on other mounts or pulley combinations. But both of those motors are there actual respective length(74 or 84)

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Sk3 not Sk8, the actual size is also listed by hobbyking in their specs. But maybe the font is more appealing here for you than there.

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The sk3 6374 are 86.1mm long. The sk8 6374 is 89mm long :slight_smile:


I’m seeing 80.7mm long for the SK8 6374

Will the Evolve Trucks be able to accommodate dual sk8 6354s? (using unik’s 63mm evolve mounts)

Not true

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Weird because the sk3 6364 is 75mm…and the sk8 6364 is 69mm ?