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Real world top speeds and setups

I’m curious to know what real life top speeds people are getting on flat ground, and what setups they are based on. I just finished my first 6S build, and can hit about 20mph, but have heard of others with similar setups and gearing that can get to 25+mph. I’d like to try and figure out if my setup is running optimally, or if I need to look for some weak point in my system that is holding back some power. I’d also like to find out what real world speeds to expect from those running higher voltage, dual motor and other setups. Feel free to copy the format below, and report your real world top speed & setup!

I’ve used this calculator to estimate top speed, and for me, it seems to be reasonably accurate at 70% efficiency, but even on a full charge, I don’t seem to be quite making it to my weighted top speed. I’m not that heavy either.

My ESk8 setup:

Theoretical Top Speed (@22.2v/25.2v) = 27.46mph (44.20kph) / 31.13mph (50.09kph)
Weighted Top Speed @ 70% Eff. (@22.2v/25.2v) = 19.22mph (30.94kph) / 21.79mph (35.06kph)
Real World Top Speed = ~20mph (32kph)

Rider Weight: 170lb. (77kg)
Battery: 6s (2x3s) 5000mah 20C Zippy Lipos
ESC: Torqueboards (FVT?) 6s Car ESC
Motor: (1) Tacon 160 Bigfoot 6364 245kW
Gearing (Motor/Wheel): 16/36 on TB Mount
Wheels: 97mm Flywheel clones
Deck & Trucks: 46" Gravity & TB Caliber clones

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I plugged in your specs and got about 20 mph.

Yeah, that’s what I got too. I put that in my first post under my setup, along with the expected top speed of almost 22mph on a full 25.2v charge. What throws me off is when I read other people’s posts citing similar or even identical setups that claim speeds near or above 25mph. Before I started this build, my forum research led me to believe I would be pushing ~25mph with this setup, and not just barely breaking 20mph. I’m just curious if my experience is actually consistent with others, or if there are other factors at play that I am missing.

The calculater has proven to be accurate for me. My details above. I wiegh about 180 pounds. My iPhone speed app states that my flat ground speed is 15-16mph. I have a 10s on the way because 6s is too slow for me.

It’s probably people estimating, exaggerating or using different applications that are judging their speed. Also battery output, gearing etc… can obviously have a big effect. If your breaking 20+ mph I’d say you’re close enough to say that you’re on par with the others accounting for the above. You may be able to fine tune the gearing or mess with some voltage settings to gain a MPH or two, but It doesn’t seem like your so far off from them that there is a major issue or weak point.