Really need some help with BMS

I’ve made a couple of post about this but I’ve never gotten a specific answer.

So I have 2x 6s LiPo’s in parallel and a 6s BMS. do I solder the corresponding balance lead to the other (Blue-Blue, Red-Red etc)

I made a really shit diagram if you can understand it good job but this is what I think I should do. could someone please confirm it. Thanks

Did you not get any printed instruction in the box? The balance leads you drew from the batteries are kind of confusing. :thinking: Yes they balance leads go there if that’s what you are wondering. Order maybe shifted depending on what bms you’re using. It looks like you are doing 6s2p right? The positive and negative leads from the batteries go in series with the the bms and esc. :exploding_head:

I didn’t get any instructions (yeah 6s2p)

I don’t understand the last part about the series.

Maybe the best solution is to use a charge only BMS and charge them in Series…

Yes forgot to mention that I’m only charging with my BMS. Will I have to get a 12s BMS to charge in series?

You can see that the bms and load is in series instead of parallel as you suggested. You can use any bms as a charging bms as long as you don’t exceed the charging amperage

So does that mean my diagrams right?

exactly 10char

I’d prefer not to have to get a new BMS and charger

no… 10char

What do you mean 10char sorry

min 10 Characters: “No” is just too short

No, you are using it in parallel. The vesc would go between the positive leads(or negative depending on your bms).

off topic…

Oh OK thats useful to know

How? 10char

I have an esc idk if that changes anything(budget build btw)

My bad. As long as it’s a load, it goes in series like in the diagram. :sweat_smile:

So my diagrams right? Sorry Im so confused here

I suggest you do some research on the forum. About using 1 BMS for 2 Lipos in Parallel: I think it is not possible (Please correct me if im wrong)

What is your goal exactly? BMS for charge and discharge? Charge only?