Really stuck between A/T and Thanes for my next build

I keep going back and forth between one and the other. Help me make up my mind!

Haya Deck, Freeboard bindings, G-bomb forks, Fatboy 240 hangers+Hammock adjustable base plates, 12s5p 21700’s, Fatboy gear drive 2.8:1, 2.6:1, 2.4:1 and tb 110 or 107 thanes, Vs Fatboy gear drive 3:1 and 6.5" urban treds.

Totally stuck. Never really ridden thanes before so my interests are peaked in that direction.

The thane gear ratio accels quickly. Ive only run 85mm though. Ive heard 110s are nice.


Also I do have 6x2 pneaumatics on my build at the moment :laughing:

I think it depends on your terrain. I’ve got lots of nice residential streets and the ABEC 107s are smooth. Tougher terrain like city streets or off road are a different story.

Also your focus. Are you a skater? The pneumatics are amazing but not skateboarding for me.


Thane since it’s a haya, make it stealthy. I would run 107 or 110s, you should buy my electric flywheels

Personal opinion but once you go pnuematics you can’t go back


I’ve heard that so many times but as a longboarder, I always go back to thane


The TB110 are extremely cushy and don’t eat your battery like pneumatics. TB110 is the best of both worlds.


you should only go pnuematics if you plan on going off road. Riding pnuematics on road is for pussies IMO.


I totally agree, most of SD is paved and there is really no need for pneumatics, we got some shitty roads here and there though. Not calling any of you pussies, I just think pneumatics are only necessary for offroading

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Ive heard good about electric flywheels but im not really keen on green.

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Sucks, I got the dark greens and light green but haven’t got to use them for a while. If you want, your more then welcome to try them out


Calling people pussies for making different choices is for pussies IMHO.


Haha I don’t know about this one man, with going at speed is a lot safer on pnuematics

@maxchilton Have you ever owned a board with pnuematics?

I can second that, TB110’s are the best thane I have ridden :slight_smile:


Why not have both? I have an AT evo build and im planning a thane evo build. If you already own pnuem wheels, why not give thane a try?

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Yeah you’re right, I think I’m set on thanes now. Plus I hear the range is much better.

I think I need to try a board with thanes.

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The only problem is that hayas are designed to max out at 100mm :frowning:

I mean, I’m gonna make 110’s work cause I’m fuckin stubborn but still

G-bomb brackets fix that.

Ive heard of these… Think I saw they were expensive as fuck.

Any reason they can’t just be milled from aluminum?