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Really Weird Motor Behavior

I’m not sure what I did but check this out. Sounds like something is wrong…

Sounds like the beginnings of a short …

How old is the motor?

about two weeks old

Are any if your phase wires touching?

Play with motor timing

I’ve been changing esc settings like a madman, so I’m certain its not the timing. I don’t believe the phase wires are touching. Sadly I can’t open up the motor either because all four allen key holes are stripped. They came that way :confused:

I would … if possible open it and take a look as @barajabali said … I would limit further use unless your are searching for the reason

Put another motor on that esc to single out the issue

That’s odd how can it come that way?

If you have a user manual to your ESC, look up what the blinking on the ESC means. That should help you find where the problem is.

What do mean by stripped Allen key holes? Is the motor stuck to the mount? All these motors are held together simply by a c-clip on the closest part of the shaft.
Have u tried riding it. Maybe different under load. The vesc jumps either full throttle on or off when unloaded

From my experience it looks like configuration issue (not having good ESC setting). Could be motor timing and or other things or even compatibility issue.

How did you connect the wires that go into the motor? Did you use any strain relief? I killed this type motor just yesterday exactly in this manner ( the wires wiggled so much that the stator winding wires snapped one by one. You should be able to see it when you wiggle the wires ans shine a spotlight into the motor.